Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tell Nigerians what you have done to stop Boko Haram – Naija Center tells Atiku

By Ehi Ekhator, 

I have taken over hours of my time today to fight one of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubabar on Twitter.
Former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
Former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

For the past weeks, I have been asking him a simple question concerning the role he has played to stop the menace that has befallen my brothers and sisters in the Northern part of Nigeria, but completely ignore my questions even though he responded to his other numerous followers.
I realized he may have been avoiding the question because he didn’t have anything to say about it, or rather, he disregarded my question on the ground that it was completely irrelevant to his presidential campaign.

I know after reading this, one would say NAIJA CENTER NEWS is a network engineered by President Goodluck Jonathan to fight his enemies, we Nigerians always have something to say particularly when the point hold us on the balls..In other parts of the world, citizens ask questions from whoever show interest in a bigger office, they ask what they have done in the past that warrant their interest in certain offices, they put up questions and invite them for public debates, and since the advent of social media, it has facilitated the curiosity of citizens to ask such questions from their leaders even more.
Atku, since he began campaigning on twitter has focused his vitality on occupation creation, he ceaselessly remind his supporters how he has multi-million naira organization that is without further ado making employments for Nigeria, asking for their order to accomplish additionally, forgetting that only those alive can get employment.
But today, Friday, I couldn’t hold it anymore, I mean his intentional ignore to my question, I suspected he must have viewed my profile and considered me as one of the Jonathanians, a nickname given to President Goodluck Jonathan’s followers.
He responded to his follower who seems to have the same idea as mine. The handle, ANTI APC responded to Atiku many tweets asking him if that was all he did as a former head of state,The former head of state responded “As VP, I was head of the Economic Council. We left the economy much stronger than we met it. Let me lead us down memory lane 1/. The banking and telecommunications revolutions have created new jobs! Technology is one of Nigeria’s emerging success stories”
This to me is appalling judging from a man who is doing everything to rule Nigeria and can’t actually tell the nation the concrete thing he has done for the ordinary people. So my attack followed as I wanted him to answer my question today, instead of his response, his followers defended him.
Their responses opened my eyes to the actual problem, probably what Atiku is also feeling.
Three days ago, Atiku attacked Federal government on the way it’s handling the issue of the insurgency. He said “First of all, I must confess that I am extremely frustrated with the Federal Government because this insurgency has lasted far too long,” he said. “It is more than five years now. Nigeria has got all that it takes to eradicate it within a couple of months but it has been allowed to set up for too long. I don’t believe that there is a rare capacity on the part of the Federal Government to tackle the insurgency in the Northeast.”
He advised Nigerians to pressure the government to take the right step in putting an end to the killings
 Nigerians should press on government to take drastic measures to really bring the insurgency to an end,”  he said.
Meanwhile, Atiku who is not in the North and reside in Abuja with dozens of securities, shamelessly told the people not to run but fight for their lives.
“People must stand resolutely in the face of the attacks and not abandon their towns, women and children,” he said.
None did it occur to him that a house owner cannot sleep if a snake is on the roof, at least for the sake of his children. Atiku has continuously display a sign of desperation, trying to work on the Nigerians psyche, applying divide and rule method to achieve his Presidential aims.
Some of the followers who were defending him said the Federal government did not invite him to help, others said it is the President’s fight as he is the President of the nation.
I realized that it was all about Jonathan. IT is like a stage set to find out talents. It is like a war set up to see how he could handle it since he has refused to hearken to the voice and warning to step down.
It would interest you to know that Atiku was one of the northern elders who was quoted by a CNN correspondent in 2010 while interviewing President on his reelection bid.
Isha Sesay told Jonathan that Northern elders, including Atiku were angry over his declaration to run. She asked Jonathan if he was ready to face violence if he contested.
With the huge followers of Atiku and Buhari in the North, bringing an end to the senseless killing would have been very easy but they decided to work on the scenario, taking the advantage to ridicule the country and projecting their dreams.
Atiku, instead of joining hands with the federal government to fight the common enemy, uses press to instigate Nigerians against the FG on a daily basis. He has done nothing to stop it unless the donation of hilux van and some few other things to the fighters in the North.
With Atiku’s influence, he could figure out who the sponsors of Boko Harams are in a day, he could sit with the elders and have a chat to bring an end to the killing of the innocent people of the nation, but no, it is an opportunity for him to get his dream office.
For those who said Atiku was not invited by the President disappointed me with the statement because no one would fold hands and watch their people dying. If you live in Lagos and violence is in your area and you have the power to put an end, I am sure you won’t wait for invitation knowing your families, friends and well-wishers live in that area.
Do not forget easily that Stephen Davis is not a northerner or a Nigerian, he swept in for the sake of the children who were kidnapped in Chibok, he placed his life on the line trying to mediate for the release of the innocent kids, he stayed for months with the terrorists and came out alive. Meanwhile, our bigwig is campaigning to rule the same zone that he has refused to assist. He is campaigning to preside over those he’s gambling with their lives.
Is Jonathan to be blamed? Yes, he is to be blamed too. But the problem of terrorism is the problem of the nation and not you, not me and not Jonathan. When America was bombed on September 11, both Republican and Democrat came together to fight the common enemy. It took America 10 years to kill just Osama Bin Laden.
Nigerians are completely senseless and they have been bought over by sentiment, religion and region, they have forgotten is not about PDP or APC but about us. They have continued to support those who have placed us In the mess we are today, those who had ruled us many years before now. They have refused to see a black sheep for what it is because everyone hates Jonathan, a minority President who came from nowhere to rule more than 180m Nigerians.
I read a complaint by one of those who observed the declaration of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, he was so disappointed at the responses he received when he asked them why they were supporting Buhari.
Many responded that it was time for power to come back to the North, some said, how can Christians be ruling Muslims, some said, it is insulting that someone from Bayelsa to rule the majority of the Muslims. It dawn on him that the support was not based on merit but on sentiment.
Atiku cannot rule Nigeria, he is too carried away and forgot the primary things he should concentrate on, he is a man who can do anything to get to the highest office in Nigeria. He is a voice In the north even Buhari is afraid of his forces, yet he has refused to use God given influence to save Nigerians.
The day Nigerians come to their senses to challenge t hose who ought to be challenged, the country will come back to its rightful position. The day Nigerians would know that it is not about a potliical party but about the masses, or realized that government, including those that have ruled us in the past are all contributing factors to the problems we are facing, we would be able to come together like the patriotic Burkina Fasos who knew it was time to stand for what they believed in.

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