Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lions Which Killed Woman Having Sex In Bush captured and Killed in Zimbabwe – Photos


Zimbabwe and the surrounding countries were awash this week after several lions caused a scare after killing a woman who was reportedly having sex with her boyfriend, and then also killing another man whose body was found nearby.

The lions were however hunted down and a number had to be killed by rangers in an operation which ended on Friday(yesterday).
Rangers confirmed that “three lionesses – 1 Mother and her 2 sub adult cubs were captured and put to sleep on Thursday night.

“Thanks and praises go out to Parks and Wildlife for taking the lead in this and to all other Departments, Authorities, Residents and Volunteers who played a part in ending the 4 nerve wrecking days,” a statement read.
The statement continued:
“As was suspected the Mother Lioness had a thick scarring around her neck from a wire snare and her back leg was lame and badly swollen.
“We cannot stress enough to all, the need to report any suspected injured Wild Animals.”
The Zimbabwean story is almost similar to one reported by the BBC in 2002 in Tanzania. In August 2002, it was reported that a man and woman were attacked by a lion when they were having sex in a bush near their Tanzanian village. The beastly cat attacked the woman but the man escaped and when he returned later with other villagers, the lion had disappeared and all that was left was the woman’s mauled remains.

Bloody killing...Lion killed
By Nancy Dziva Chikanya

Marauding lions kill woman having sex in Zimbabwe's Kariba bush

The incident in which a woman was killed while having sex in the resort town of Kariba took a twist yesterday when a wildlife national parks ranger ran bezerk and shot his own colleague while seeking to revenge on two lions they suspected were the ones which killed the woman and a ‘second boyfriend’.
Loud gun shots were heard yesterday when national parks trackers saw two lions and when they wanted to shoot noticed another one coming out of the thickets whích wanted to attack and during that process accidentaly shot a colleague on the leg who was rushed to the hospital.
The incident occurred around 7 pm.
Marauding lions kill woman having sex in Zimbabwe's Kariba bush
The ranger whose name has remained anonymous, was swiftly rushed to Kariba Central Hospital.
He was still being treated at the time of writing.
The parks rangers have been on high alert since yesterday after a pride of lions mauled to death two people on the shores of Lake Kariba. The NPWA has officially confirmed that a woman was found dead and her boyfriend escaped. They also stated that another man’s corpse was found around the area. Marauding-lions kill 2 in Zimbabwe; Resort town on alert after two killed by lions.
Despite the accident, rangers have vowed to continue the search for the dangerous lions which killed the two while they were making love.

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