Monday, November 17, 2014

Bafana Bafana Promise Eagles Fire in Uyo

Bafana to bring the hammer down in Uyo
The last time the two teams met it was a goalless draw that left coach Shakes Mashaba fuming at his team’s inability to finish in front of the goal.

He has vowed to be more aggressive in Uyo on Wednesday likening the game to a war by saying “The last match is as important as was the match against Sudan. We are going to Nigeria to face the Super Eagles, it is going to be war because they want to win and we are aiming for maximum points.”

One thing that stood glaringly out from the Cape Town draw in addition to their excellent condition is that the South Africans refused to be pushed off the ball and played shoulder for shoulder with the normally more physical Nigerians.

Shakes wants to continue this asserting from the opening whistle even though he knows it’s the Eagles who have to come at them. “This time, we have more confidence in ourselves and our position in the group shows how determined we want to succeed,” the coach said, adding, “we will try to beat them in Uyo to prove to them (the Eagles) that this is now our time and no more theirs.”

Bafana Banfa initially slated to arrive this afternoon in Nigeria will now land in a specially charted plane at circa 8.pm (7pm WAT) on Tuesday. South Africa Football Association (SAFA), Director of Communication, Dominic Chimhavi meanwhile has also hinted that they would be accompanied by a huge contingent of fans.

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