Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I just read with utter dismay President Buhari’s statement that old age would hamper his performance. According to a statement attributed to him while he was speaking to Nigerians in South Africa, Buhari was quoted as saying, “I wish I became Head of State when I was a governor, just a few years as a young man. Now at 72, there is a limit to what I can do.” Now, there is absolutely wrong with old age so far as you know your limits. Before Buhari embarked on his 14 years quest for the presidency, he knew how old he was. He knew that he was 72 years of age when he decided to run for a fourth time for this year’s presidential election. Nobody forced him to seek the nomination of the APC.
Nigerians are beginning to detect a pattern of excuses on why Buhari can’t do the job for which the Nigerian electorate gave him their majority vote: “Rome was not built in a day;” “I don’t know if I could find the Chibok girls,” “Why are Nigerians so interested in my naming my ministers,” “Nigerians should exercise patience,” “My inability to name my ministers is because of former President Jonathan,” etc., etc.
I believe it is utter nonsense for people to call for his resignation based on what he has said. The north would go to war than allow him such a foolish thought. I cannot join calling for his resignation – I am the same age as Buhari. I can still run for one hour or more; I can still walk faster than a lot of younger men, and when it comes to sex… well shish!! Instead of morosely looking at the four corners of his office, Buhari should make time for strenuous exercising so that he could start looking strong instead of looking like somebody who is about to pass out. Aisha his wife should be feeding him whatever she is eating.
On the one hand it is a bad omen for Nigerians; on the other hand, it is good for Africans for a septuagenarian president to recognize that there is a limit to what he could do, which will help in deterring him from staying in office for such a long time. Hopefully,, Buhari will see fit to leave after his first term if he knows he couldn’t do what he is elected to do. This will put him aside from people like Robert Mugage (91), Paul Biya (82), Abdelaziz Bouteflika (78), Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (76).
The whole idea is that Buhari should get down to business and stop making excuses. Nigerians elected him and we want him to succeed so that things would be better for us all.

 By conyeani

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