Friday, June 5, 2015

Religion is between man and his God.----"Otitigbe Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe PhD

By "Otitigbe Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe PhD

I to refuse to go to church.
I am a devote Christian because of my faith in Christ. Jesus Christ as shown in the Holy Bible is the greatest man that ever walked upon this earth and a Master of spiritual values, but the religion created about His teachings is full of evil and satanic people as leaders.
As a Professor in the field of applied sciences, I just could not sit down and let a Pastor sweetmouth and fabricate stories just becuase he want me to believe in God. Pastors create fears in the people. I refuse to listen to stories. I inderstand the Bible and its moral lessons. In fact the Holy Bible is not the word of God but it contains the Word of God. There is different between both.
When I sit down to watch space exploration on youtube where simulators are used to explain discoveries, I understand perfectly well how Astro-Physicists came to conclusion of Galaxies over a hundred billion light years from and us and their movements becuase of the electronics used in the measurements. When they speak about the Black Energy hundreds of billions of light years back where an explosion (Orunmila) took place and how they came to that conclussion, I understand it due to my discipline of studies the way light received were digitalized and analyzed to arrive at their conclusion.
So for a man like me to sit down and listen to modern day miraacles of miracle Pastors Adeboye and co, I preffer to pray alone to my God.
Ifa poems show that there were people iluminated years behind and they do not conflict with science. The Holy Bible as written and coded does not conflit with science.
But for a Pastor to tell me to empty my pocket in Church becuase the next day my house will be full of money is a misinterpretation of the Holy Bible and in fact anti-Christ.
Religion is between man and his God.

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