Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boko Haram war: Tension in military as Buhari demands records of weapons procurement

Tension has engulfed the the Nigerian Army as President Muhammadu Buhari, is said to have directed military chiefs to furnish him with documents detailing the total amount of monies received from the Federal Government for arms procurement to fight Boko haram and how they were spent. Top military sources revealed that this decision, taken after the president met with the service chiefs, might not be unconnected to grumbling in the military by some personnel, who feel that their bosses occupying strategic appointments might have taken advantage of the counter terrorism operations to enrich themselves and deny the juniors fighting the war their basic benefits.

The sources added that many of their colleagues who are now dead or disabled wouldn't have been, if those responsible for the disbursement of funds did so sincerely. According to the source, those that took part in the deal now run around to gather whatever they can get to make refunds before nemesis catches up with them.
 he complainants went as far as revealing the names of some of the officers allegedly involved in the blood money, who no longer hide the money they make from the operation.
These senior officer from our findings had nothing before the commencement of the counter terrorism war, but have suddenly become millionaires overnight and have acquired choice properties in the Federal Capital Territory and drive the latest and expensive cars to the detriment of their colleagues.
According to the source, those that took part in the deal now run around to gather whatever they can get to make refunds before nemesis catches up with them.
The source said: “I can assure you that the president has given them a definite order to produce the records of how they spent the money allocated to them for the Boko Haram war, this in in terms of weapons purchase, kits, logistics and others.
We decided to reach the president on this because a lot of our officers and soldiers who were not supposed to have died lost their lives while most of those that were lucky to be alive are now deformed, while the big bosses, at the expense of the young soldiers enjoy their ill wealth.”
“Some of us who are aggrieved decided to use our means to reach the president and tell him how our big men looted the money meant for the war.
To buttress how bad the situation degenerated, he revealed that: “Most of our personnel have no bullet proof jackets, no uniforms, prompting the soldiers to wear all manner of shades of camouflage. They are poorly fed and most times denied payment of operation allowances.”
Rather than provide troops with the things meant for the operations, they claims to receive condemnation from their commanders instead, and so many have been prosecuted, thereby dampening their morale.
“Most of our bosses, see the operation as an avenue to make money and lobby to get posted to the region,” another source told Abuja Metro.
“Unlike in the past when soldiers lobbied to go for International Peace Keeping Operations, because of the foreign currency we made. But people don’t lobby to go for peace keeping again, what they do is lobby for counter terrorist war in the north east because the profit is very huge.
“I can tell you authoritatively that one of our officers that occupied a strategic position and got killed by Boko Haram had over N90m in his bank account in one of the new generational banks, and that was just after only about five months that he got posted there. They are many such officers we know.
“And that is why we are happy the president, who is also commander in chief has asked them to make the financial records of the operations available and not only that, they have been asked to refund whatever money that they did not spend.”

Source: http://thesummary.com.ng/index.php/national-news/item/1868-boko-haram-tension-in-the-military-as-buhari-demands-records-of-weapons-purchase

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