Thursday, July 23, 2015

CBN Governor Rattled By Buhari** Leaves US In A Hurry

 I am surprised to meet the Chief Executive of Zenith Bank; maybe he was brought by the Governor of the Central Bank.”...........BUHARI
Mr Godwin Emiefele (Middle)
Mr Godwin Emefiele (Middle)

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, on Tuesday hurriedly abandoned President Muhammad Buhari in the United States following his open admonishing of him on Monday.A Presidency source said that Mr. Emefiele asked to see President Buhari and then requested to leave for an “important” meeting in London. The President is said to have granted the request.
On Monday, the president had warned his aides against smuggling Nigerian businessmen into meetings during his visit.  Later that evening, he openly admonished the CBN governor for smuggling the former Managing Director of Zenith bank, Jim Ovia, into a dinner organized by the US Chamber of Commerce.
Presidency sources said the CBN governor’s request to leave Washington DC came as a surprise, as he had not previously informed President Buhari of any other meeting he had to attend, especially one that would deprive the President of a prominent member of his delegation.
It is unclear as of the time of publishing this report if Mr. Ovia, who was the beneficiary of Mr. Emefiele’s efforts, has also left the US.
Also on Monday, President Buhari took advantage of the meeting with his aides to order the opening of a desk at the presidential villa in Abuja where Nigerians who wished to see him could apply to do so.  It is common knowledge that in the preceding administration, wealthy Nigerians paid millions to be allowed to see the President.
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According to sources close to the CEO of Oando, Wale Tinubu, he was not dissed by Pres. Buhari at the Corporate Council of Africa dinner in Washington DC this week contrary to reports in the media that he was. In the video from the dinner that has since been released, President Buhari expressed his lack of surprise at seeing Wale Tinubu. What the president said below..
“I’m not surprised to meet the Chief Executive of Oando here. He is a very close friend of my big friend, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I’m talking about the Chief Executive of Oando, Wale Tinubu who is here. I am not surprised to meet him. But I was surprised to meet the Chief Executive of Zenith Bank; maybe he was brought by the Governor of the Central Bank.”

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