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How a pastor at Mountain of Fire Ministries hid her HIV and hepatitis C status and deceived Husband marry her – Evangelist Kingsley Obi

Shocking testimony:

Shocking testimony: How my wife who is a pastor at Mountain of Fire Ministries hid her HIV and hepatitis C status and deceived me to marry her – Evangelist Kingsley Obi

This testimony sounds like a movie script, but it is a true-life story.

“A story everybody must read in order to understand that our God whose amen is amen works in miraculous ways, and also to know that not everybody that carries a bible or claims to know God has really found God,” said Evangelist Kingsley Onyemaechi Obi.

Evangelist Obi is from Inyi, in Oji River Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. He said his wife (name withheld) was a pastor and an usher at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries situated at Grillgasse 4/1-3, 1110 Vienna, Austria. Though they had not got married in court, but traditionally they were married in Nigeria, and religiously wedded in the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Vienna, Austria as husband and wife. While narrating his experiences to Global Reporters, he said, “the marriage was over” as he addressed his wife throughout the interview as ex.

He said a woman who had HIV and hepatitis C and had not told him before and after their marriage planned to kill him. Consequently, he claimed that he had been thrown into the land of the dead but that his God had brought him back to the land of the living, and that “it was for a purpose”.

According to scientists, hepatitis C is one of the most aggressive infections in the hepatitis’ family. It destroys the liver violently and there is no cure yet. One possible way to contract it is through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Here is an excerpt of Evangelist Obi’s narrations

The genesis of his tribulations

“As a believer in the son of God who died, rose and who will come again, the story of my encounter with death is not meant to embarrass or ridicule my ex-wife but to testify to the glory of the Lord and to shame the devil.

“Somebody I should have spent the rest of my life with as a wife did not only hide her HIV status from me, but she also has hepatitis C and hid it. Even when I truly discovered that she was HIV positive she was still lying. One reading this might think that I was stupid, but the truth is that when you are truly a believer you do things with the fear of God, and in most cases one looks stupid before the public or in the eyes of the law.

“… I proposed marriage to her in February 2014, and also intimated my intention to the head pastor of the church Pastor Kayode Omo. After about one month she accepted my proposal. The pastor invited us, advised us and sent us to the marriage committee for counseling. Pastor Kayode’s wife is the head of the counseling committee. At the marriage counseling we were told a lot, like being open and telling each other the details of our health lives and the truth about our pasts. I told my then wife-to-be everything about myself and believed all she had told me to be true without any doubt, because as a pastor and an usher in the church honestly there was no reason for me to doubt her, but I never knew that she could lie to me. She kept a whole lot of details hidden. She deceived me.

“All she told me about her health was that when she had come to Austria newly that she had come back from work one day only to discover that her roommate had not been around, and that she had slept on the bench at the corner of the house waiting for her for too long that she had caught cold. After that day she said she had had fever and that her body system had changed that she had had frequent fever but that she had not taken it so serious, until one day she had fainted that she had been rushed to hospital. She said that it had been there that they had discovered that she had kidney problems, and it had been because of the cold. She claimed that a new kidney had been transplanted in her without any problem. I asked her if it had affected her womb, and she said no. As a Christian I believed her, prayed over it and told her not to worry.

“There was one thing the marriage committee requested from us to do that has become very vital to today’s testimony. They told us to do an HIV test, and that it was one of the preconditions of the church before wedding, which I did. The result was negative and I brought the result to the church, and she also brought her HIV test result to the church, which was also negative.

“Now the traditional marriage was arranged and done in Nigeria. Prior to this she had told me that she worked every evening, which was a lie. How did I find out? I went to her house one evening around 10pm without informing her that I would be coming, and she was not around. I called her mobile and she told me that she was working and would come back late. I waited for her without also telling her that I was waiting. Around 1am I saw her being dropped off by a hospital vehicle. I was surprised and left without going to her.

“The next day I came to her and asked her what had happened the previous day. She told me that her boss had delayed her in the office. I told her that I had seen her being dropped off by a hospital vehicle, and asked her what could that mean. She became very hostile and quarrelsome. Aaah! I was in shock and thought a lot at that few moments because my question to know what had happened was just innocent and genuine. I was not suspecting anything at that moment and could not figure out the reason/s for her reactions. She bounced at me and held me. I was really confused. She said, ‘So that is how you have been following me in Vienna?’ And I told her that I was of course not following her but she should not forget that she was now my wife because I had fulfilled the traditional requirements including her bride price, and that there was absolutely nothing wrong if I demand to know what my wife was doing. She locked the door of the house and held me hostage, and said that I would not step out until I gave her her own part of money she had spent in our traditional wedding because she was no longer interested in the marriage. I was baffled the more. I told her that I would pay her the next day but she refused to let me go. For over three hours I was under hostage. It was very provoking and annoying. I thought of calling the police but did not want any trouble, and contemplated what people would tell me as a child of God and decided to call our pastor and explained the situation. It was the pastor who now calmed her down and invited us to the church. I also did not want the marriage again, but the pastor now talked to us and we accepted to continue with our church wedding arrangements. However, while I genuinely accepted to continue the arrangement of the wedding plans as one with fear of God, hers was hanged on deceit as events proved. The evening she told me that she had been working and would come back late, she had actually been in the hospital receiving treatment and not at work. Can you imagine such a brutal lie? It was later I came to know that the reason why she had held me hostage in her house had been because she had thought that I had known the truth about her hepatitis C and HIV status. But when we went to the pastor and I did not say anything towards that area, she was surprised and realized that I did not know anything, that calmed her down and made her accept to continue our church wedding plans.

The beginning of separation – the exposure

“But I tell you everything was designed by God whose ways are not our ways, especially for the interest of the general public and mostly for the lives of the members of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, in Vienna, Austria. I thank God for saving my life, and it was for a purpose.
After some months of our marriage there was no sign of pregnancy, I became worried and called her. I told her that we had to go and see my doctor just to see if we may need any medical help. She reluctantly accepted, and we went and I explained everything to him. He said he would take our blood for medical tests, but that she had to transfer from her doctor and that she must also bring the medical report of her transplanted kidney. We agreed to do that and left. I think she guessed that I would know the truth, so when we got home, she told me that she had had a blood HIV infection during the kidney transplantation. I was surprised. I said, ‘Aah! But they do not make this kind of mistake here, and how come the hospital made the mistake.’ I asked her why she had not found it worthy to tell me before our marriage or even many months after we were married until now. She said that had not remembered to tell me because had been prayed for and the HIV had been gone. I said, we would know after the result whether it had gone or not. And as a born again Christian I know and believe in the power of God, that He can do all things.
The transfer from her doctor to my doctor was done.

“… I went to my doctor and collected my HIV result, and it was negative. I was again confused. Could it be that this woman was telling the truth that she was not HIV positive – I asked myself. I reasoned again that if she was HIV positive it equally would have shown in the HIV result she had brought to the church before our wedding. But I never imagined that a believer could be such a cruel liar, or that a God servant could forge a medical result and present the same in the house of God without fear of God’s wrath just to deceptively marry a man, or that a pastor who is an usher in a church could get a fake medical report of any kind especially of this nature in Austria, without fear of the law.
Meanwhile she gave excuses why she had not brought the report of her kidney transplant to my doctor and not given her blood as requested. I was very conscious of her actions and worried. After a long time of her failure to go and see my doctor with flimsy excuses, one day I told her to show me the result of her kidney transplant because I wanted to see it. She searched the house for over three hours looking for the result but could not find it. After a period of time, again I asked her about the result, at this point she told me that she probably had misplaced the result when she had rearranged things in the house. I told her that if that should be the case she should request for another copy from the hospital. She agreed to do that. But again it became another game of delay tactics. She never did that.

“But one day while I was at work, she called me and told me that there was a drug her doctor had used to give to her and that she had gone to him and he had refused to give it to her because she had gone to another doctor (my doctor). I told her that that should not be a problem she should request the same drug from my doctor. I gave her my doctor’s telephone number, she called him and transferred herself back to her old doctor.

The dreams that further brought skepticism, killed trust and exposed secrecy

“… As a child of God dreams in most cases are revelations, and I had series of dreams that were frightening and had threatened me to discontinue with the marriage. In most occasions I approached her and asked if she had anything she was hiding from me, and at each occasion the answer had always been no. In one of my dreams I saw my house collapsed. I wondered what could collapse my house. …

“… But there was one particular occasion where her daughter – that was supposed to be my stepdaughter, was telling her the dream she had had, and in that dream she said she had seen her mum dead. They did not know that I had heard their discussion, and I was shocked at the things I heard. At that moment there was nothing that I did not think. I brought my dreams, her daughter’s dream and the woman’s behavior and attitude towards me together and I was troubled. I said there must be something that killed this woman, and that thing had not been revealed. And meanwhile the report my doctor had asked her to bring she did not bring, and each time I asked her about the result her answer always was, ‘I will bring it, I will bring it, I have told them.’ For one, two, three months her answers remained the same. So I was in a state of bewilderment, dying in silence. But I was still praying and believing that my God would not desert me, for He would expose everything exposable – and he did not fail me.

“So it was after the daughter’s dream that I said, no, I have to go to the hospital with her to get this result myself, and I told her. The next day I dropped her at the hospital and did not go inside with her, and I think she thought that I had forgotten it. So the second time when I dropped her at an unusual place (at Gürtel) she was surprised why I should drop her there instead of the hospital (AKH). As she came down I was also coming down and locking the car. She said, ‘Ah ah’! Where are you going?’ I said, ‘I want to go to the hospital with you. Is it not the hospital that you are going, I asked her? She said yes. And I said, ‘I want to go with you because I want to get the doctor’s report.’ She said, but I had not told her that I wanted to come with her. I said that did not mean anything, and if she was no longer my wife. ‘Can’t I go to the hospital with you?’ I queried, and she was silent.

“When we got to the hospital I told her to go and tell them that I want to have the result. She went and told them. The delay was so long, and there was no sign of anybody coming to talk to me. So when I finally saw a doctor I explained to him who I was and that I needed my wife’s result because my doctor had requested for it. He printed it and gave it to me, because according to the doctor, it had already been written in the computer that she had requested for the result because her ‘husband’ needed it. When I took the result I went where she was, and she asked if I had discussed with the doctor and if everything was okay. I said yes, and did not ask or explain anything to her.

“When she came in the night she asked me again how my discussion with the doctor had gone and I told her that everything had been okay. But the next day I brought the results before her and asked if she knew anything about the result because her name was written on it. ‘So you have hepatitis C and HIV and you did not tell me’, I asked her? ‘What?’ She shouted and said, ‘You’re a devil. So you have got this result from the doctor since and you have not told me? You can kill somebody. Pack out from my house, pack, pack, pack, that doctor must be sacked.’ She said, rushed me and started beating me. She aggressively tore the cloth I was about to put on, tore my pants and was fighting very hard to draw my …, and I was struggling to save my life. …
I told her that she had lied to me and had not told me that she had these kinds of sicknesses, and I eventually had found out, instead of her being humble and remorseful she was only quarrelling and fighting me, similar to what she had done the day I had found out that had not been working as she had claimed but had rather been in the hospital receiving treatment. ‘What kind of human being are you’, I asked her? The prints of her fingernails were everywhere on my body.

“After this saga I went to the pastor to tell him what had happened and that I was no longer interested in the marriage. When I narrated the story to the pastor, he told me that he would be praying over it, but that I should keep it secret to myself since I had not told anybody, and manage to stay with her without any problem till he came back from his travel. I obeyed him as my pastor and managed to stay with her.

“She was still swearing that she had been prayed for and every sickness in her had disappeared and could not understand how the infections had come back to her body again. I told her that it could be possible that the hospital had made a mistake by still using the old result and that maybe we should go for another HIV test to reconfirm. We did another HIV and hepatitis C test and her own again were positive, positive. I told her that I did not want anybody to know about this and that when the pastor came back we would go to him and settle the issue. She said no, that she would not be going to the pastor.

“When the pastor came back he did not call me. After about one week I called him and met him. I was in a state of confusion, since the pastor had said that both of us must agree to come. In this confusing state, I came back one Saturday night and she started quarreling with me that the food she had kept for me that I had not eaten it. I told her that I had eaten where I had gone to because she had stopped giving me food and I had thought that it could be the same thing today. She said that I had gone to a woman’s house and had eaten satisfactorily and had come here to sleep. She took the blanket I was using and told me to go to the woman I had eaten at her place and sleep there. I did not say anything to her. Later she started crying and saying all sorts of bad things to me. I told her, ‘Woman, look at the things you hid away from me and I did not disturb instead you that has the sicknesses are the one making trouble with me. What kind of person are you?’ She started cursing me. She started bad prayers and made noise till around 3 am.

When I woke up later I was feeling so cold – because I had slept without cover. In the morning she started her quarrel again, and I woke up. I asked her if all what she had done in the night till this morning had not been enough. Her mouth was now full of oaths and curses. I turned and faced up because I had been facing the wall before. As she was praying and laying curses on me, I just said ‘back to sender’. She did not say anything, and she waited for about five minutes, then she quietly came where I was sleeping and the next thing I heard on my stomach was ‘gbim’. She march my stomach with her leg. She wanted me to die immediately. ‘Oh!’ I cried. I shouted. I could not breathe again. I was struggling to breathe, and it was like I was giving up. And I said to her, ‘So you marched my stomach?’ She said I ‘should die’. ‘Aaaah!’ I cried like a baby. I said to myself, ‘Okay, so this woman’s plan was to kill me, and I never knew, and am still living in this house. I was crying and praying to God not to please allow me to die here like that, because if I should die here this woman could accuse me of what I had not done, and people would not know the truth. I crawled on my knee to the door of her daughter, so that the daughter could hear my cry, because I was crying like a baby. The pain was too much. When I got to her daughter’s door, I shouted ‘she marched my tummy’. As soon as I said this, the daughter replied, ‘That was not even enough for you’. Heeeeeh! This was when I said, ‘Oh my God, these people had already planned to kill me here oooo. Please God come and rescue me.’ I started praying strongly in my heart. I asked her, ‘So you planned to kill me? I do not want to die and I do not want to marry again. Please stay on your own and I will stay on my own. Let’s go to the pastor now and finish it up.’ She said, ‘go where?’ I should pack my things and leave her house. I took a towel to go and brush my teeth, she took the towel and threw it away and started fighting me, and that I should pack my things. I told her to allow me to pack my things but she refused. So what I did was to hold her two hands and I pushed her on the bed and started dressing up, and when she came I did the same thing again until I dressed up. When I wanted to go to the next room, she held the door and refused until I overpowered her. When I entered the room she had tried to open it, but I held it with one hand and used one hand to put on my dress, stockings, shoes, and then ran away. That was how I left the house.

“She held me in that house for over two hours, and of which if I had been bleeding I would have died.

“I went straight to the church to see the pastor and waited, and when I was asked to go in, her daughter with speed pushed me that I nearly fell down – with the pain I was having in my stomach, and she rushed into the pastor’s office. She was just repeatedly saying that I was a big liar commanding me to sit down. The pastor was just watching the two of us. I told the pastor that I came to see him but not with her. The pastor told her to wait outside, she said no, that I was a big liar, and that she wanted to stay and hear what I had to say. She only left the office when the pastor told her to leave with a hard voice. I explained to the pastor what had happened. He expressed surprise and asked me where she was and if I knew whether she would be coming to church. I told him that she was at home and would be coming. He told me to wait outside for him, that he would call me again. I waited for about 40 or 45 minutes, and there was no call and the stomach pain where I was marched was increasing. I tried to see him again to remind him that I was still waiting – just in case he had forgotten. I was told that he was with somebody and that I should wait. I said no to myself that I could not wait anymore because I did not know the extent of the damage I had from the march on my stomach, I needed to get something to eat and get medication. I took the new blood test result we had done and gave it to the pastor’s wife. She was shocked. She asked me where she had got the blood test she had presented to her before our marriage? I told her that I did not know, and that it would be better if she could ask her, and I left.

“Three days after, I did not hear from the pastor, and I called him. When I called him, he asked how I was doing. I told him I was doing fine but that I had expected his call since all these past days and inquire how I was doing. … However, we agreed to meet. When I met him I told him that, why I really wanted to see him was that I wanted to know where she had got the fake blood test she had presented to the church. I needed to know because that was why she was able to deceive the church and me. I kept quiet because this was the house of God and that was why I had come otherwise I knew what to do. All what she had done she had not cared, else she should not have married somebody hiding the sicknesses she has, and should not have hit my tummy, because that could have led to my death or the police could have been involved. But she really had not cared about all these things. When she marched my stomach, in fact I could have invited the police, but I did not, just to fulfill all righteousness as a Christian and not do anything that could scandalize the name of the church. As a man of God, the pastor said that he was sorry about all that, but that he would call her to come immediately, but the blood test was something he really did not have a clue where she had got it.

“When she came the pastor asked her where she had got the blood test she had presented to the church. She said a doctor had given it to her. She was asked again, and she said the same thing. At a stage the pastor said that it couldn’t be a doctor, that she probably had done it herself, because he was not sure that any doctor in this country could give her this result, and the pastor’s wife said the same thing. Then I said, ‘Why are you people saying these things? She is here confirming that it was a doctor, and what she should do is to give us the name of the doctor then we would go and make inquiries and find out.’ The pastor said that it was not to find out that was the problem. … What she had done was very, very wrong. … That we should know that whatever that had happened that God could cure her if we were united and put our minds together and pray. And I said that was not what I was there for. ‘I know that God could cure everything; but did she know that God could cure her? Why didn’t she wait for God. Why did she come up to this extent? She wanted to kill me and that was why she had marched my stomach while I had been sleeping, and even up till now she has never said sorry and you are telling me to unite with her and pray to God.’ The pastor and the wife asked her to kneel down and say sorry to me. That was when she knelt down and said she was sorry. I said that I had heard and that I had forgiven her, but what I wanted was to find out who had given her the blood test. That was the problem. To bring an occult thing to the house of God is an abomination. I said, ‘I really want to know how she got the result she had presented to the church. That is my problem and that is why I came to you. And why I wanted it in this form, that I came to you, pastor, was because I did not want it to be a police case or to go more than this level. I want to find out who did or gave her the blood test, expose and rebuke the devil by talking to the person that what he/she had done was evil and very wrong, and should never to do it again.’ The pastor told me to ask her to stand up where she was kneeling down first. I told him that I had forgiven her, and I asked her to get up and sit down. The pastor started the preaching of how God could heal her. I then asked the pastor if he was forcing me. He said no that he was not forcing me, and that it was my decision. And I said, ‘Okay, I have told you that I don’t want to marry again. All I want to know is who gave her the blood test. And if you (pastor) do not want her to tell me how and who gave her the blood test, then I am going.’ I left them in annoyance and went away.

“… After this meeting, the pastor did not call me. One day I called him again. He said that he had tried to reach me without success and that he wanted to travel. I said, ‘Okay, you want to travel?’ He said yes. I said, ’Okay, travel and when you come back anything you see you take.’ He then said that I could come now to see him. And I told him that I did not have time at that moment. He inquired to know when I would have time, and told him the next day. He agreed to meet me and said that he would be postponing his travel.

“The next day I met him, and he told me that she had confessed. I asked, ‘She has confessed what?’ ‘She confessed that she had done the blood test,’ said the pastor. And I said, ‘How could she confess that she had done the blood test when she had said last time – here in the house of God and in the front of you and I, that a doctor had given her the result? Why did she not confess this before me when we met?’ The pastor said I should wait, and called her mobile to come. … She came and knelt down that she was sorry, and that she was the one that had done the fake blood test. I asked her if she was really the one that had done it, and she said yes. I asked her how she had done it. She said somebody had helped her to do it. I asked who that person was. The pastor intervened and said no, that I did not need to go that deep after all God had delivered me. And what was the essence of asking too deep, that it was not important, because they were handling the issue, and I did not need to go too forward. I said, ‘Pastor, what … What are you talking? Somebody is confessing and you are stopping her – in the house of God. This is a confession, and I have never seen this type of thing where somebody is confessing and a man of God will stop the person, pastor. You are surprising me. You told me that she had confessed and I am here now.’ … He said I should forget that. I said okay, they should wait for me to go to my car and come back. I went to my car, took our marriage certificate came back and dropped the certificate for the pastor that I was not married again. The pastor said, no that it was not between the church and me but between her and me, and that if I decide that I was not going to be married again that they could not force me. I said okay. I tore the certificate and gave it in the hands of the woman, and said that I could not be married to somebody that wanted to kill me,” Kingsley narrated.

When our reporter met with Pastor Kayode Omowanile and about eight other leaders of the church – after Sunday service on 17.05.2015, to ascertain the role of the church and Obi’s claim, they preferred not to make public comments. And when Kingsley’s ex-wife – as he would like her to be addressed – was contacted, a date (31.05.15) for an interview was scheduled, but on the day of the interview also she refused to be interviewed claiming that she had not known that the case had already gone to the police, and that she would prefer to make her statement there.

When Evangelist Obi was confronted with the rumor that he had married his ex-wife because of money, he said, “She was just a vendor selling newspapers on the street. If I wanted to marry because of money she was definitely not close to that area. I wanted to marry somebody with the fear of God. And when I saw her and her commitment with the work of God, I said,’ This is the type of woman I want’. Anybody who tells you that I married her because of money must be cruel and mischievous,” he concluded.

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