Wednesday, July 15, 2015



By: (Comrade Kassim A. Gamawa).
16th July, 2015 @06:23am

My fellow Nigerians why hurry? Hurrying is an acts of evil. Really some people are annoying and suprising me. Initially, i was decided to fold up my hands and hush up my mouth i.e not to post or say anything, especially about the political matters of this country in this holy and useful month (Ramadan), due my untold reasons but now, it comes to me very necessary to talk on this issue where some hasters are referring President Baba Buhari as #Baba_Go_Slow.
Anyway, you can call him whatever you want but remember "A journey of many miles starts in a second" and "Rome was not built in a day" so PMB's silence is the best answer to the disturbance.
My dear Nigerians, President Buhari needs more time to formed a well structured government another point to consider President Buhari inherited a total damage government with empty treasury so he needs time to study things before moving forwards.
Similarly, this was the first time we had ever exprience such transitional processess, transfer of power from one party to another is not an easy thing because it requires a long processess.
Though, So far we have started witnessing some achievements on the ground under PMB's plenipotentiary that can translate to dividends of democracy among which includes:-
*Given extra amount to the 12 states to settle unpaid salaries inherited from their predecesors.
*Undertaking trilateral meeting with Niger, Chad and Camaroon leaders on how to stamp out Boko Haram once and forever.
*Reshuffling National Security Chiefs as part of tackling the country's insurgencies.
*Marching order to Military Generals to move out of their Abuja Air-Conditioned offices and relocate to battlefield i.e Borno.
*Refused to interferes with the National Assembly leadership selections.
*He also cuts down recurrent expenditure by reducing the number of Special Advisers from 136 that Jonathan had, to just 15 for him.
*"I belong to nobody" means no godfather or ethnic group, including his, that can dictate or influence him.
My esteemed pals, time would not permits me to enumerate his achievements in just 48 days in office. I also vehemently believe that PMB has good and strong ambitions to Nigerians.
Finally, my word to Baba Buhari is, he should be mindful and careful of his greatest enemies, they are the people that bent on manipulating him towards achieving thier conspirancy aims. So, Go-ahead Baba you are on a right way, just be a man of your own.
Buddies, Lets not base important issue on partisan politics.
Thanks For Your Cooperation. May Allah Blessing You. Bye 4 Now!
Yours Sincerely,
COMRADE KASSIM ABUBAKAR GAMAWA.(A Concerned Citizen & Sardaunan Gamji).

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