Monday, July 20, 2015

Out of Texas: 336 Hours in Motherland by Anthony Obi Ogbo

Out of Texas: 336 Hours in Motherland

It has become necessary to confront realities of the relics of this rich Nation bastardized by brainless despots into political insecurity, economic vagueness, uncontrolled criminality, and communal wretchedness. Knowing Nigeria is one thing; understanding the socio-political structures require a different aptitude.

Houston resident, Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo is the publisher of Houston-based International Guardian, and the Author of many books and journals, including “Out of Texas: 336 Hours in Motherland,” a book on politics, leadership, and psychology. A former president of Houston Association of Black Journalists with several merit awards to his credit, Ogbo started his media career in 1981 and has worked in various print media companies until 1998 when inaugurated theInternational Guardian in Houston, Texas. In 2004 he established the Black Senior News, the first African-American senior newspaper in the state of Texas.  Ogbo holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Human Resources Management, and a Doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership. He is currently the president and facilitator of the American Journal of Transformational Leadership.

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