Sunday, August 9, 2015

Terrorist group woo Indonesia recruits with a baby and gun picture

A newborn baby sandwiched between an automatic gun and a grenade with a message
ISIS children are indoctrinated and trained up as soldiers to kill non-believers and those in resistance

A photo of a newborn baby placed next to an automatic machine gun and a grenade has been reported as the new campaign by the Islamic State(IS) to get recruits in Indonesia.
'Uncles and aunts come and fight in Syria for jihad wherever you are', is the inscription in a paper next to the baby's head.
According to reports, this campaign is geared towards challenging locals to follow the call of Muslim extremists and travel overseas to Syria and Iraq.
Virtually a unanimously Muslim country, Indonesia is becoming a targeting ground for radical conversions as ISIS continues to grow in its merciless battle for ownership of the Middle East.
In a recent revelation, Fairfax Media travelled to Menteng, an exclusive suburb in Jakarta, Indonesia in August 2015, locating a mosque preaching ISIS ideologies, nestled between Government Defence and US Embassy buildings.
It was further reported by Fairfax that at least 300, and as many as 700, Indonesians have travelled overseas to join ISIS.
The administrator of the mosque, Farihin, denied supporting ISIS - despite allowing a pro-IS banner to be hung and admitting that IS supporters were allowed to lead religious classes from within the building.

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