Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Texas , USA Family Members Beat Girl With 8-Months Pregnancy to Force Labour, Then Throw the Premature Baby on a Grill

Five Texas family members have been charged in a brutal six-hour beating meant to terminate a 14-year-old's unwanted pregnancy.
Five members of a Texas family have been charged with beating a pregnant teenager so violently that she miscarried. The 14-year old girl said she was raped and impregnated by a relative three years ago, and beaten by four other relatives to induce an abortion.

The girl’s family members decided to take things into their own hands and force an abortion, by first giving her the Plan B emergency contraception, along with multiple doses of birth control and cinnamon tablets.

When these methods were unsuccessful, the family members then proceeded to beat the girl for a grueling 6 hours, inflicting repeated blows and kicks to the stomach, eventually killing the baby, and causing the girl to go into labour.

The beating ended when the girl gave birth to a stillborn baby.  A member of the family, Cedric Jones, was offered $25 to dispose off the infant’s body, where he threw it on a charcoal grill in an attempt to hide the evidence…let that sink in…he put the baby on a grill!

Four relatives have been arrested on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity, and police said at a news conference Wednesday a fifth has been arrested on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Prosecutors say Sharon, Cedric Jones, Lonnell and Cecila McDonald repeatedly stomped on the teen’s stomach, which resulted in her delivering a stillborn. The fetus was then thrown on a charcoal grill before its remains were put in a plastic bag and disposed.

An even more horrific detail about the story, is that the four relatives involved in the brutal attack will not be charged with murder, but for merely “engaging in organized crime.”

The girl who was attacked, was reportedly a virgin when she was raped by her cousin. She was 8 months pregnant when the beating happened. She’s 16 now, and in the protection of the state.

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