Friday, August 28, 2015

Rotimi Amaechi, Leaves Nigeria in anger , for United Kingdom ** Ambassador Offer to UK from Buhari*


The recent appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari have sent shock waves across his party, why the rest of the nation watches in amazement.
One of the victims, Rotimi Amaechi, has left the shores of Nigeria in anger , for United Kingdom because of what one of his close allies tagged ” utter shock with Buhari’s last night’s appointments”
Amaechi was perceived as the cash cow and the arrowhead of the assault against former president, and kinsmen, Goodluck Jonathan.
Amaechi .was DOOMED by  a damning preliminary report of his stewardship forwarded to Buhari by Governor Nyesom Wike.
Wike had constituted a seven man Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice George Omereji to investigate alleged sale of some state assets as well as the projects for which funds were allegedly released but not executed .
Former deputy Governor, Ted Ikuru alleged that his former boss allegedly spent N812 million to furnish his private residence, adding that the former government also spent N4.96 billion on the proposed Justice Adolphus Karibi Whyte Hospital with no structures on the ground.
Wike had among others,  asked the Commission of Inquiry to investigate the sale of Omoku 150 MW Gas Turbine , Adam 360 MW Gas Turbine, Trans-Amadi 136 MW Gas Turbine as well as the Eleme 75 MW Gas Turbine. –
He also said “I am confident that President Buhari will support my administration in the quest to tackle the massive corruption that characterized the Amaechi administration”
It was gathered that even though Amaechi was being considered, forces within both parties averse to his appointments had lobbied some folks around Buhari to insist the President gets a preliminary report on the tenure of Amaechi.
Said the source ” Wike we all know had told the world everything Amaechi did would be checked out, but there were other forces who ensured Buhari took a look at the prelim report sent by Wike on the alleged large scale fraud by his administration. The problem Buhari had was, he was careful about Amaechi because he did not want his SGF to be indicted for large scale fraud, because some of the evidence against Amaechi were damning.”
The appointments continue to elicit outrage against the backdrop of the lopsidedness of the picks.
Even though those with him insist Buhari has made sterling appointments, with consideration to competence and experience, this group has not been able to defend the appointment of a retired army colonel, Hameed Ali, as  Comptroller General of Customs.
Amaechi was head of the fund raising committee for his party, helped raise tons of cash, and almost emptied his state’s treasury for the emergence of Buhari.
First, the speculation was Amaechi could be picked to be the Vice Presidential candidate, then Yemi Osinbajo came. Next, he was promised either Secretary to Government or Chief of Staff.
 Amaechi was two weeks ago screened by the Department of Security Services (DSS) for the position of SGF.
Shortly after the screening, a dinner was organized in his honor in port Harcourt.
It was gathered that despite pleas from his men and some close to Buhari that he would be given a ministerial appointment, Amaechi insisted he would not accept anything less than SGF after being governor twice.
Said the source ” It was a big shock to him. This is a man who almost laid down his life, fought Jonathan his kinsmen to the end, spent billions of his own money and state money to ensure Buhari emerged, and is treated this way? Who is the new SGF, where was he when we were working hard for Buhari”
According to another close ally ” He has  left Nigeria, he was so upset, I think to just cool off and think of what to do next because in Rivers Wike has shut him out, and there is nothing much in Abuja

                                                                                        Dia ris God OoOoOoOo

I do not like how Buhari has treated my brother Chibuike amaechi who emptied Rivers states pockets to elect him.

Those people that have already been appointed did not contribute monies as much as Amaechi and Tinibu did.

The rumor that he will now be made the high commission in London is a position Amaechi should not take.
It means that he is being shipped out of sight for a least 4 years.
London Embassy does not generate that much monies like USA does.
If Amaechi wants to be an Ambassador..He should then pick New York or CHINA where the action is. Traders will make him richer in months if he can keep his mouth shut.

I know he sees Patience in his dreams ...
I will advice Amaechi not to even take any Ambassador position.
He should go back to Rivers and beg for forgiveness and call it 8 years wasted through making enemies. he will be happier there after.

All Good Governors operate out from their states as home base..Even Fayemi of Ekiti stayed behind.

There is no place like home....
Ask Tinibu and fashola. Ask Buhari ,Obasanjo ,Atiku and Banbagida who went home.

Keep scratching

 'vincent modebelu./// USA


OPUTUABE said...

Amaechi is in a big mess. It was Gov. Wike who made him the governor. Once the governor he disrespected and neglected Nyesom Wike. When Amaechi started fight with Patience Jonathan, to deflect his powers in Rivers, Patience tapped on his Godfather that he neglected to uproot him and APC. Now he is finished in Rivers. APC did not win much seats in Rivers and Wike is out to teach him a lesson about don't bite the fingers that fed you. I hope Onye Nze Sam is learning. Oputaa

Okwukwe Ibiam said...

TINUBU, AMAECHI: BUHARI PLAYED THE FOOL.....Yes, he did. Lai Mohammed is swallowing hard right now. They will really find other ways to recoup their losses. But they certainly lost a spring in their step. How is the Jagaban going to explain this to himself, his followers and the Yoruba? Amaechi got treated like the first year student at Uniport he was when Buhari first came to power. Clueless and wide-eyed. Can they really rebound? Ladies and Gentlemen,Aladdin is in the house.