Friday, September 18, 2015

100 wasted days: Buhari, Nigeria’s BaBa Go Slow Coach


Nigerians know better than to trust their politicians. Still, when Muhammadu Buhari pledged “change” before elections in March, they took him at his word. Tomorrow marks 100 days since the former military dictator’s inauguration as president, and their confidence is waning. They believe he promised that by now he would have listed his assets and ended Boko Haram’s murderous insurgency in the north-east. But the government is disowning the documents containing those and other vows. The dispute highlights his lethargic approach. Mr Buhari began his term jetting around the world seeking diplomatic allies against the jihadists, yet the killing goes on. He has neither reassured foreign investors by articulating an economic policy nor placated corruption-wary Nigerians by detailing his personal finances. He continues to rely on his predecessor’s (undoubted) failings and his own vague promises to combat corruption. The country still has no cabinet. Nigerians are losing patience.

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