Wednesday, September 30, 2015


President Muhammadu Buhari slaughters ram in commemoration of Eid-el-Kabir in Daura, Katsina State on September 24, 2015
By Ugo Harris Ukandu

This is the modern age and Nigeria president is show casing the killing and slaughter of animals openly in the public in the name of religion and culture. This is the man made to take Nigeria into modernity. Please,  explain to us here what does this picture conveys? It portrays African and Nigerian leaders as barbarians, sadists, killers, no conscience and no humane feeling. This leadership in Nigeria by every measure is not capable of  giving Nigeria modern Governance standard. They are inherently not made to provide modern best practice in Governance in as much as they try and pretend. It will not happen.

International community abhors creating decent leadership for Africa but rather leaders that shames Africa at every turn is what is imposed on Africans by Europeans and Americans. Even the Arab and Islamic world like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. and even some decent African countries cannot let the leader of their country expose such insensitivity of their president killing and slaughtering animal like this in this age publicly.

 This is going back to what I  have said  about Fulani mindset and their leadership. It is only Nigeria out of almost 20 countries  in Africa Fulanis are scattered living, wandering herdsmen and city dwellers that affords them opportunity for a better lives.   Only Nigeria gave them opportunity to have political power and see how they have been part of the destruction of Nigeria. How can a leader of 170 million people in this age exhibit such a wicked posture and happy with it.

Since over 50 years now, the United nations, African Union, OAU, ECOWAS, successive Nigerian Government and every country that  have Fulani population have all setup programs to reduce or eliminate poverty, wandering, begging and destitute in the Fulani community across the 20  African countries they live. Fulani leadership and elites will loot and steal all the money and resources allocated for those programs and  poverty and destitution within the Fulani community is always increasing.  Fulani elites looting action increases  poverty, destitution, begging and deprivation of basic community functions and it always disrupt these programs by Fulani elites in about 20 countries Fulanis are located. in fact Fulanis have the highest poverty rate among all African tribes while their leaders are looting, pillaging and exhibiting wealth stolen from their people and from the commonwealth of all the nations. All programs created to help create  stationary communities and  build schools for them is a tall order, because Fulani elites steals and loots these humanitarian programs.

As for the Fulani mindsets, they are the most distressed, disorganized and desperate tribe in Africa despite the lies and propaganda they have used to confuse some Nigerians and Africans for ages, because the is no important country in Africa Fulani have foothold and that country is working well. Every country that have Fulani does not work, is poor, is destitute, lives on aid and handout. The is no tribe in Africa that is not blessed with abundant  mineral resources in Africa only Fulani has less and less of everything, and that is why their leaders resorts to looting and corruption as a means of leadership, and stupid Nigeria has been confused by  these propaganda  for ages especially the Hausas, Yorubas and all the small tribes in Northern Nigeria that are being fooled till today by Fulani treachery.

Even the Animal rearing and cattle Shepard  they are used too,  still for over 300 years they cannot device and modernize   their means of livelihood from scattered wanderers and wandering. Sedentary living can help them, but they choose the wandering ways that enables them to violate other peoples land, resources, loot and disrupt normal lives for other people, because by their nature they don't have normal lives. Even the animals they claim they breed and rear does not look healthy enough in this modern times, for example look at the many cows President Buhari said he has, does any one of them look healthy enough for a person to eat?  no his cows all look sick and emaciated for a former leader with looted Nigeria resources. Give me a break!!!!!!!!

You made a very factual statement below. Every thing about Fulani culture is about violence, looting, copying, cunning and cheating, because in their harsh environment of dry desert, harsh climate, very hot sun, no food, less food for them and their cattle, no grazing land for their cattles and animals, no water, wandering lifestyle it turned them into hungry, insatiable, aggressive, survival of the fittest  animals. Every thing about their culture is not original but to loot and take by force and that's why most countries and other tribes in Africa where Fulani are found do not give them a chance for leadership or economic power but they fooled foolish gullible and divided Nigeria for ages.

I am glad that many Igbos have refused to buy these lies about Fulani and that is why foolish Nigeria is suffering today and forever. Even if Buhari and Fulani takes all the money and resources in Africa and Nigeria and store them in Fulani or Hausa land they will loot and destroy it and become poor again in no time. They cannot manage modern lifestyle without looting, violence and destruction. The is no country lead or have Fulani  in this world that is prosperous. Every one of them is desperately poor. The rich ones in Nigeria you know how they made it by looting and stealing from their people and from Nigeria and it will  be lost in their corrupt ways anyways.

Quoting  Dr. Ozodi Osuji "Even the much vaunted feudal stage attainment of (FULANI) Hausa states was done under the impetus of external forces, Arab Muslims. Usman Dan Fodio’s exploits were borrowed from what was going on in Egypt and Sudan (which, in turn, was borrowed from what was going on in the Ottoman Empire...he called himself sultan in imitation of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, a guy at far away Istanbul, Turkey). unquote

You wrote some important statement last time below that put Yoruba, Hausas and Fulani  and African tribes  that are going about bragging about their civilization falsely, that they have a better civilization than Igbos, but actually the reverse is the case. Igbos have a far better civilization than them, because Igbos fought real wars in many parts of Igboland and Southern Nigeria before they were defeated by the British colonialists, but the Yorubas, Hausas and Fulani just capitulated, gave up and sold out without a fight for their fake and false freedom to rule Nigeria and see how they have destroyed Nigeria. Igbos  like the saying that  goes "give me freedom or  I die fighting". Nigeria has neither freedom or death. Nigeria is in between hopelessness and uselessness.

 Your Statement below explains the  false bragging of Hausa Fulani and Yorubas as being the same as empty boastful Africans that did not achieved anything in history except killing and destroying their people and continent. If Yoruba and Fulani are born to rule why are they not ruling or have great powers in all of African countries they have their so called people. It is only in Nigeria that Fulani or Yoruba have power because other African countries have seen the havoc and destruction Yoruba and Fulani have visited on Nigeria and all these African Countries refuse to give Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani any power in any other country in African seeing what Nigeria has become as an experiment under Fulani, Hausa and Yoruba destructive leadership.

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