Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cocaine Explode In 2 Nigerians On Emirates Flight, Killing Them Instantly


Panic and pandemonium broke out on-board an Emirate flight last night traveling from São Paulo Brazil en-route to Dubai when some passengers developed serious internal complications.
The flight took off at 12:10am Brazilian time. Two hours on board the leading Pilot made an announcement that someone fell seriously ill on the flight and that there is need to turn back for an emergency landing in order to save the person’s life.
The flight was cleared to  land in Rio. So, both taking off and turning back to land took approximately 6 hours before the plane landed in Rio at 6:15am.
Before the plane touched down on the tarmac, the sick man died and his friend also was seriously ill beside him. The other passengers were asked to remain calm on the flight while doctors rushed both the already dead and the one tragically ill out to waiting ambulance and medics.
Emirates Sent a bus to pick the passengers who were checked into different hotels waiting for the flight to be cleared to fly again. The second young man dead in the hospital. They were both Nigerians.
They swallowed hard drugs.

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