Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pregnant French woman Uses Youtube to find dad of her baby she had a one-night stand with


This lady had a one night stand with a man she met in Australia..and now she’s pregnant. Prosdidude! Lol. #Kidding! Anyway, to the story, French woman, Natalie Amyot, posted a video on Facebook and Youtube trying to track down the Australian man she fell instantly inlove with when they met and whom she spent her last night with after a three month trip to Australia. She said the man is very cute, 183cm tall, with blue eyes, blond hair and a tan. She said after the passionate night, she flew to Paris the next day, lost her phone which contained his number and has now discovered she’s pregnant.
In the video, she asked people to help her find the man. Below is what she said;
“Hello I am Natalie and I’m from France and today I am making this video because I need your help. ‘Three months ago I came to Mooloolaba, I had an amazing time, I met amazing people. On the last night we had a party. I met a really cute guy. For me it was love at first sight. And we had a beautiful night.’
On the next morning I flew home to Paris and I lost my phone with his number on it, so I have no way to contact him. Six weeks later I found out that I am pregnant. So I have come back here and to try and find him.
I have no family of my own. Please, please help me. Share this video, show your friends and hopefully he will receive this.
‘I’ve started a Facebook page, so if anyone has anything please contact me on Facebook. Thank you so much.’

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