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Stop Warmongering to preserve a Fraudulent Constitution: Open Letter to Junaid Mohammed and the ACF By Chinweizu

In September 2013, as public clamor intensified for a Sovereign National Conference, SNC, to resolve Nigeria’s multitude of problems, Junaid Mohammed, a Caliphate Colonialist militant, threatened civil war to prevent an SNC that could jettison the fraudulent 1999 Constitution‘Supporters of SNC asking for civil war’—Junaid Mohammedhttp://www.punchng.com/news/supporters-of-snc-asking-for-civil-war/ .
Despite that threat, President Jonathan on October 1, 2013 announced a National Dialogue to discuss the fundamental problems undermining the corporate existence of Nigeria, a National Dialogue that would prepare the way for the National Confab that eventually took place in 2014.  Now that the Caliphate’s political champion, Gen. Buhari, has come to entrench that fraudulent 1999 Constitution, Northern leaders have started moving publicly to block implementation of the Confab Report, [Northern leaders move to block implementation of confab report  http://sunnewsonline.com/new/northern-leaders-move-to-block-implementation-of-confab-report/]And as part of these public moves, Junaid has resumed beating his war drum to intimidate those who reject the Caliphate-imposed, fraud-filled, corruption-promoting constitution and its master-and-slaves, development-unfriendly brand of Nigeria.Bamboozling statements by Junaid and the ACFI think it is in the public interest to publicly reply to Junaid Mohammed and the ACF on two recent statements they have issued to bamboozle Nigerians.(1)          “Mohammed said, , , , if they [Biafra] had seceded, there would have been no Nigeria today. As people who acted outside the interest of Nigeria as a country, to expect compensation is a very odd logic. If the Igbo don’t like it, they can attempt secession again. If they do, they must be prepared to live with the consequences.”
--Buhari owes Igbos nothing, Junaid tells Ezeife, http://www.punchng.com/news/buhari-owes-igbos-nothing-junaid-tells-ezeife-2/(2) “Chairman of the forum [Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF] and former Inspector- General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Coomassie, at a news conference in Kaduna,  . .  noted that ACF had observed with serious concern the continued agitation by some Ndigbo elements for the creation of Biafra Republic out of the present Federal Republic of Nigeria.” . . .(3)          He “described the alleged calls by MASSOB for secession, 45 years after a bitter civil war, as undemocratic.”
--ACF carpets Igbo leaders for supporting MASSOB, secession,  http://www.punchng.com/news/acf-carpets-igbo-leaders-for-supporting-massob-secession/============================My replyI shall now reply to these three points one by one.(1) According to Junaid’s presumably conventional, non-odd logic: If Biafra had seceded, there would be no Nigeria today? Well, well, well! Let’s ask Junaid. Are Malaysia, Pakistan Indonesia and Sudan still there today? I just checked. The readers can check for themselves.Singapore seceded from Malaysia in 1965, and Malaysia is still there today; Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan in 1972, and Pakistan is still there today; East Timor seceded from Indonesia in 2002, and Indonesia is still there today; South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011, and Sudan is still there today. They are all still there.  So, why would Nigeria have been different and ceased to exist by now if Biafra had seceded?  Is there something peculiarly wrong, and rickety, about Nigeria whereby Biafra’s secession would have caused it to disappear? If so, what is that ricketiness? And why don’t we fix it and make Nigeria strong and durable?===========================(2) The MASSOB and secession issue. The ACF is obsessed with this issue. So too are its disinformation agents, including whoever doctored The Cable News’s report of Wole Soyinka’s Harvard lecture to make it parrot the ACF dogma that  “Igbos remained unrepentant and resolute towards their strategic objective of secession at worst; or a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction at best.”  Wole Soyinka Reportedly States “Igbos Put Their Votes Where their Stomachs Take Them”http://www.bellanaija.com/2015/05/06/wole-soyinka-reportedly-states-igbos-put-their-votes-where-their-stomachs-take-them/By the way, Soyinka disowned the Cable News’s doctored version of his lecture; and The Cable News management subsequently apologized to Soyinka, Ndi-Igbo and its readers for the disinformation it had peddled. The Cable Apologizes To Professor Soyinkahttps://www.naij.com/434243-the-cable-apologizes-to-professor-soyinka.html The necessary question is: Are Igbos the only nationality in Nigeria whose members are publicly calling for secession? Like the mainly but not exclusively Igbo organization MASSOB, some non-Igbo organizations have voiced their desire for secession. In case the ACF has been too obsessed with Igbos to have noticed the others, here is a report, from 2011, on a call for splitting up Nigeria into its ethnic nationalities and creating an Oduduwa Republic out of its Yoruba section:Only a split of Nigeria into its traditional ethnic groups can save Nigeria from the impending carnage, the Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) the Yoruba self determination group has said.In a statement yesterday, the group said the Christmas Day bombing in Suleja and Jos, shows how vulnerable public institutions are, how helpless the Nigerian security services are and how hopeless the future of the country stands.AOKOYA said it has embarked in an intensive campaign to realize self determination for Yoruba people and their Itsekiri brothers in a peaceful and civilized manner. “We shall doggedly pursue the realization of Oduduwa republic, where peace, love and brotherhood are the guiding principles.”  --Yoruba group demands secession, calls on UN to conduct referendumhttp://www.nairaland.com/835706/yoruba-group-demands-secession-callsDecember 27, 2011  And here is a report, from March 2014, on the threat by the people of Adamawa to secede from Nigeria:The National Conference continued on a rancorous note on Wednesday morning with one of the prominent monarchs at the forum, Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdaphar, the Lamido Adamawa, threatening to pull his people out of Nigeria over what he described as the “behaviour of some elders who claimed to be supporters of President Jonathan.”--National Confab--Adamawa Threatens Secessionhttp://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2014/03/26/national-confab-adamawa-threatens-secession/http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2014/03/26/national-confab-adamawa-threatens-secession/ And here is another report, from May 2014, on a threat by the Yoruba to secede from Nigeria:Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.emz@01D0E668.2D3CA200At a news conference on Monday in Lagos, Nigeria, the Yoruba, under the aegis of The Yoruba People of Nigeria formally presented a publication on ‘Regional Autonomy or Nothing,” saying that they are ready to secede from Nigeria if the conference fails to meet their demands.Chief Tokunbo Ajasin, Chairman, Atayese Yoruba Group, said one would expect that all should seize any opportunity to build consensus and reclaim the country from wrong-footed ideas and practices that brought Nigeria to this sorry state where it is difficult to imagine a better future.“We are therefore baffled at the take-it-or-leave-it attitude of delegates from other ethnic nationalities, particularly the Northern delegates who circulated a document full of fallacies few weeks ago. Those fallacies have now been exposed by the facts and figures contained in the publication we are unveiling today..--Give Us Regional Autonomy Or We Breakaway From Nigeria -Yoruba Group Threatenshttp://www.africanexaminer.com/give-us-regional-autonomy-or-we-breakaway-from-nigeriayoruba/Posted by African Examiner FeaturedLatest NewsNews Monday, May 19th, 2014 I have presented three examples of recent threats made to secede from Nigeria, with two of them made in 2014. With threats of secession coming from three of the six zones of Nigeria—Adamawa in the North East,  Yoruba in the South West and Igbo in the South East--why is the ACF beating war drums only about the threat from one zone, the South East? Why is the ACF creating the false impression that only Igbo organizations are seeking secession? It should be noted that, whereas Afenifere, the apex organization of the Yoruba, their counterpart of the ACF, has publicly threatened secession by the Yoruba; Ohaneze, the Igbo counterpart of Afenifere and the ACF, has never expressed an interest in secession. So, what bloodthirsty war crimes or crimes against humanity is the ACF dedicated to committing by its dogged refusal to admit that two of the three biggest ethnic nations in Nigeria are dissatisfied enough to want to secede? For which item in its Hitler agenda is the ACF laying the groundwork by trying to sell the world the falsehood that all is well with Nigeria but for the Igbo and their peculiar ambition to secede from the paradise that Nigeria presumably is? If the threat by Afenifere is not enough to open the ACF’s eyes to the rickety realities of Nigeria, I invite them to note the reply to Junaid Mohammed by a leading Yoruba politician, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode:“I daresay that if Junaid Mohammed’s Nigeria ever butchers over 100,000 innocent Igbo civilians again, as they did in the north in 1966 just before the civil war, there will indeed be another attempt to secede, but this time it will not only be successful, but they will also take many others with them.-- FFK Reveals Why Igbos Will Break Away From Nigeria Soon,  https://www.naij.com/521754-fani-kayode-believes-igbos-will-soon-break-away-nigeria.html==================(3) Is a call for secession undemocratic, as the ACF claims? From the example of Scotland, where the Scottish National Party, SNP, has been seeking independence from the UK since the 1930s, I dare say it is not. In any case, how democratic is it for a country to be ruled using a constitution that is fraudulent, a constitution that opens with a fraudulent “We the people” claim, and contains several other demonstrated frauds? Here are the frauds as I listed and documented them during the National Dialogue in 2013:THESE fatal frauds are four: the “We the people” fraud; the “Federation” fraud; the “Fighting corruption” masquerade/fraud; and the “Socially responsible State” masquerade/fraud. Let’s examine them.#1] The ‘We the people’ fraudOn May 23, 2007, the Movement for a New Nigeria (MNN) launched a legal attack on the 1999 Constitution by filing Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/367/07 in the Federal High Court, Abuja and, in 2009, Suit No. FHC/L/CS/558/09 before the Federal High Court, Lagos Division, seeking the termination of the operation of the 1999 Constitution on the ground that it is a forgery and a fraud in that it was made via Decree by one ‘Gen. Abudusalami Abubakar’ who lied in the preamble that ‘We the people of Nigeria….’ made and enacted it.#2] The ‘Federation’ fraudIts federalism is a fraud because:(a) It falsely parades Nigeria as a federation whereas Nigeria ceased to be a federation in 1966, with the abrogation by the military of the 1963 federal constitution.(b) With the demobilization of the earlier federating units, its present states, the alleged federating units, have no constitutions of their own, making them false federating units;(c) It lacks fiscal federalism: its behemoth Central Government (falsely called “Federal Government”) takes for itself a lion’s share of the country’s resources and gives crumbs to the 36 states and the 774 local governments; they are thus not economically self-reliant entities but subsist on allocations from the central government; they are, consequently, mere economic dependents and administrative agents of the central government – which is contrary to federalism; #3] The ‘Fighting corruption’ masquerade/ fraudThe 1999 Constitution is the godfather of corruption, through the immunity clause 308. (1), which protects, and thereby implicitly invites, looting by the highest officials who have brazenly set the terrible example that the rest of society have emulated. However, it ostentatiously declares in Section 15. (5) that ‘The State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power’, thus giving the false impression that it is for fighting corruption. But it then surreptitiously annuls Section 15(5) by its ouster clause (See fraud No.4, discussed next). It is a fraud for the godfather of corruption to give the impression that it is against corruption, and the fraud is compounded when it empowers the state to fight corruption but then surreptitiously discourages it from doing so. That’s double duplicity!#4] The ‘Socially responsible State’ masquerade/ fraudThe 1999 Constitution surreptitiously relieves the Nigerian State of the customary and fundamental responsibility of a state for the welfare and security of the people it rules: This is done by technically annulling the obligations clearly and ostentatiously stated in its own ‘Chapter II: Fundamental Objectives and directive Principles of State Policy’. Chapter II is surreptitiously ousted in Chapter I, by section 6. (6)(c) thus: (6) The judicial powers vested in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this section - (c) shall not except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, extend to any issue or question as to whether any act of omission by any authority or person or as to whether any law or any judicial decision is in conformity with the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy set out in Chapter II of this Constitution;This is the ouster clause, since nobody can go to court to enforce any Ch. II provision. That is to say, if the government omits to act on Ch. II, it cannot be sued by anybody or be compelled by any court to do its constitutional duty. This clause, by making Ch. II non-justiciable, effectively makes it unenforceable, thus ousting it. This covert ouster allows the Nigerian state to masquerade as a socially responsible state whereas it is no such thing. This masquerading gives it false legitimacy, and is a fraud.--Chinweizu--Four reasons to scrap 1999 Constitution, —The Guardianhttp://www.ngrguardiannews.com/index.php/opinion/columnist/137652-chinweizu-four-reasons-to-scrap-1999-constitution Perhaps examining these frauds is where to begin the search for why Nigeria would have disappeared had Biafra seceded. That, perhaps, is where to start to address the issues that have driven Afenifere, MASSOB, AOKOYA and other organizations to threaten secession. Removing the frauds in that constitution, rather than warmongering, could well be where we should start the fixing of Nigeria to make it durable, like Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Sudan. And I suggest that President Buhari, the Pied Piper of Change, should get that fundamental change going by immediately implementing the Report of the 2014 Confab. He should convene a follow-up Confab on how to give Nigeria a truly democratic, non-fraudulent, people’s constitution. For giving credibility to his #change rhetoric, that’s probably an easier way than his anti-corruption posturing and shadowboxing.=====================================Chinweizu’s most recent book is Caliphate Colonialism: The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria, Lagos: Clear Coast Communications, 2015; email:  cityvoiceng@yahoo.com---------------------------------------

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REJOINDER ..(This essay is in response to Chinweizu’s write up. See his piece below.)

(This essay is in response to Chinweizu’s write up. See his piece below.) Ozodiobi Osuji            If one is advocating for the dismantling of a nation-state, the decent opinion of mankind requires him to give people the reason why he does so.  In this essay, I give reasons why Nigeria should be dissolved and let each of its constituent ethnic groups rule itself.     Hitherto, I believed that for Africans to be able to do what they must do to compete in our world they had better band together in large political groups rather than have small nation states. The current world is dominated by such large countries (economies) as the USA, China, Brazil, Russia, India and the European Union.  The era when a small country like England ruled a large chunk of the world is over. We now have large political and economic states that compete for the allocation of the world’s resources. In that light, I was of the opinion that instead of reducing African countries to smaller units that what we needed to do is enlarging them.      I visualized the day all of West Africa, indeed, all of Africa became one country. I called it Africa Federation of Nation (AFN). I wanted each large ethnic group to become a state in Africa Federation of Nations (smaller groups banded together to form states); I wanted Africa Federation of Nations organized as the United States of America. I saw the emergence of five hundred states of Africa Federation of Nations; I described this ideal state of affairs in a book that I called the Ideal Constitution for Africa.       I still believe that Africa ought to be unified and organized as I delineated in my book; what has changed is that now I believe we first have to reconfigure Africa and let each ethnic group rule itself and over time have them work their ways to a federation of equal states, as the European Union is inching its way towards.      Contrary to my altruistic wishes, the Hausa-Fulani has other designs. Apparently, they are motivated by desire to establish an Islamic empire; they want to fulfil the goal posited by their ancestor, ‘Usman Dan Fodio: make Nigeria a Muslin caliphate ruled by the Fulani and their Hausa vassals.      These people are colonizers out to colonize the other ethnic groups in Nigeria! Nigerians chased out the English colonizers and Fulanis want to replace them and become black colonizers of other black folk.         They want to accomplish their dreadful goal under the guise of Africans ruling Africans; they think that they can hoodwink the rest of the world into seeing their power grab as merely Africans ruling themselves.      The Hausa-Fulani lack science and technology or anything modern humanity values and yet they want to rule those who obviously have more of those things than they do!  In a typical year, there are graduating Igbos than the total number of Hausa-Fulani that have graduated from a university!      These people tell us that they are Allah established supermen who ought to rule the rest of Nigerians in perpetuity. Just look at their leader, Mohammad Buhari; it is doubtful that this man even have secondary school education! They do not have to obtain modern education: why should they when, like the illiterate kings of yesterday Europe, they claim to rule by divine right of kings.        I guess that this absurd state of Nigerian political affairs is why they say that Africa is a place where reality is turned upside down; apparently, Africa is a continent where nothing good comes out.  Can you blame racists with negative perception of Africa if the least developed ethnic group in Nigeria rules the most developed ethnic groups in it by self-assigned divine rights to rule them!       As we all already know, nothing good comes out of Nigeria. What is Nigeria but a house of thieves?  Can anyone please tell me one good thing that has come out of Hausa ruled Nigeria? All we hear about Hausa ruled Nigeria is that Nigerians are thieves!       And that is good enough reason to allow this absurd contraption called Nigeria to continue in existence?      There is the festering issue of Muslim- Christian dichotomy. Hausas and their lords, Fulanis, are Muslims; Igbos are Christians.  It is obvious that there is a clash of civilizations going on in Nigeria.       Samuel Huntington, in a 1998 book called clash of civilizations, pointed out that Muslims want to impose their Islamic civilization on Christians.       Islamic civilization is not scientific and technological; no Muslim country is industrialized in our contemporary world; yet these primitive people want to rule their more civilized neighbors in Europe and the Americas!  This is the theatre of the absurd whereby a primitive people want to rule those who are more advanced than they are; they do so because of their conviction that their Allah authorizes them to do so.      Given the strength of their delusion that their non-existent god authorized them to rule Nigeria, just as illiterate European kings required force to get them to relinquish power to their superiors, educated middle class persons, the Hausa-Fulanis may require force to dislodge them from their entrenched rule of their superiors in Nigeria.       If Allah wants a primitive people to rule a civilized people he would not have allowed people to struggle to become civilized; we are talking fantasy here not reason; Muslims are in the grip of strong delusion and may need shock therapy to shake them loose from it.        The British put Nigeria together in 1914. They agglomerated the North and South into one human polity. It is clear that the two parts of Nigeria are culturally different.     Most of the ethnic groups in Southern Nigeria are probably related and can live together. Igbos, Yoruba’s, Edos, Uhrobos, Tivis, Ijaws and Efiks  and other southern Nigerians probably did not diverge from one another longer than two thousand years ago; their cultures are so sufficiently related to each other that they get along with each other. Of course, they have slight differences but at no time have they degenerated to killing one another.      Yoruba men do not kill Igbos; they are too civilized to engage in such barbarism; the same goes for Igbos and the other southern ethnic groups.       Thus, if Lugard had not conglomerated the North and South and left the two as separate countries it probably would have worked out well.     The North has an Arab Muslim culture; the South has Christian culture. Muslim culture is antithetical to Christian culture.        Muslims somehow believe that their creator and prophet, Mohammad gave them the permission to kill people as they see fit. As we speak, they are embarked on world terrorism. They use killing to intimidate people into embracing their religion of violence (which they disingenuously call the religion of peace).  Right from its inception, Islam has used the sword to convert folks to its idea of religion.      Since Nigeria came into being in 1914, occasionally Muslims kill Igbos.  Some say that the first killing of Igbos in Lugard’s cage began in 1945.        The mass killing of Igbos in the 1960s we all know about.  One must admit that it was unfortunate that some misguided Igbo officers in the Nigerian army carried out a military coup in January of 1966 and killed Hausa and Yoruba leaders; that behavior was not right; if they were going to kill Nigerian leaders they should not have spared Igbo leaders.       In July of 1966, Hausas conducted a counter coup. In politics their behavior is understandable, after all what is politics but political parties competing to capture the government and through it rule the polity and interest groups trying to influence those in government and get them to enact public policies that served their welfare? Politics is war by peaceful means (and when that fails war ensues, for, as Von Clausewitz told us in his seminal book, On war, war is politics by other means).     If Hausas had merely replaced the feckless government of Aguiyi Ironsi with their man and did not go killing millions of Igbos folks probably would have shrugged off the whole thing as emblematic of Africans primitive politics. But Hausas went on rampage and by the time the dust settled had killed over two million Igbos.  Please wrap that number around your mind. Have you ever heard of such savagery? Even the other African savages, Hutus did not kill that many Tutsi people!      As a result of this unprecedented savagery, Igbos, apparently, did not believe that they were safe in the artificial geographical space called Nigeria and seceded from the country.       Unfortunately for Igbos, fossil fuel had been discovered in Eastern Nigeria and the Hausas were not about to let wealth from oil slip away from them. Thus, they embarked on keeping Nigeria one, not because they cared for Igbos, Ijaws, Edos, Efiks and other southern Nigerian a groups from whose areas oil was gushing its wealth. The men of the North simply wanted to get their grubby hands on black gold.     For three years Hausas embarked on massive slaughtering of Igbos; indeed, they did not stop at merely putting bullets into Igbos heads but employed starvation of Igbos as war policy (you can always trust Africans to come up with such dreadful things as starving their people). These savages starved millions of Igbo children to death; as they saw it, all behaviors were permitted if they hastened Igbos surrender; in their kind of war there were no civilized rules of engagement (such as respecting the Geneva Convention on warfare).       Eventually, Igbos surrendered and Hausas rejoiced; now they have their fiefdom all to themselves with no Igbo to challenge their authoritarian and totalitarian rule. They embarked on milking Nigeria’s cash cow, oil revenue.       Hausas stopped working and specialized in becoming rich from stealing oil money.  Nigeria’s other tribes followed them and the country became a nation of thieves.      At present, Nigerians produce nothing that the rest of the world demands other than oil (which nature gave to them for free).       It is an understatement to say that as a result of black gold Nigerians are now mostly criminals, and this is thanks to Hausa-Fulani rule.      When oil wealth is gone it would probably take a century to retrain these criminals and make them into prosocial, law and order abiding human beings; it would take a lot of doing to transform the psyche of thieving Nigerians into the psyche of folks who work for a living instead of steal for a living; when a people’s work ethics is compromised they are finished; Nigerians are a finished country!       Clearly, Nigeria is together because of the oil that comes from the southern part of the country (the federal budget is mostly derived from oil revenue; the thieves of Abuja only exist to share oil loot not to generate wealth by other means).      When oil is gone something dramatic will happen to Nigeria, for a country cannot remain a nation of criminals forever.  I am supposing that when wealth from oil is gone Hausas would no longer have the money to buy weapons from the West and would have no money to pay their mercenary goons called the Nigerian military and those would become highway brigands; there is already kidnapping and holding folks hostage for money ransom  before they are released; just wait and see what would happen when black gold is no longer there to generate the revenue with which Nigeria pays for food import to feed the masses of Nigeria. Nigeria is schedule to become criminals’ haven, the like of which mankind has not seen before.      As we speak, the West is doing research trying to come up with alternative to fossil fuel as the main source of energy to drive its economy. One would not be surprised if an alternative to fossil fuel is available in the next three decades. At that time, the thieves of Abuja would have no resource to maintain their thieving lifestyles.       As thieves with the psychology of immediate gratification, it has never occurred to the idiots to plan for a future rainy day, to diversify their economy so that when oil money is gone they have other means to maintain their bloated life styles. Did I say plan for the future? These people exist to divide the present loot but not to plan how to generate future wealth; they are essentially animals, not human beings, really. Indeed to call Nigerians animals is to insult real animals; they are not even as good as animals; real animals care for their young; Nigerians do not care for their people! What is the youth unemployment rate in Nigeria, fifty percent? Does anyone care in the land of criminals?        We do not have to wait for Nigeria to fall, as it would inevitably do when there is no money to keep it together; we can meet and use peaceful means to go our separate ways.     Nigeria is a failed state propped up by oil money. Perhaps, when the state is allowed to die its constituent members recognizing that they have no other place to call home would stop stealing too much and do what they have to do to govern their selves well.     It is difficult to see how Christians and Muslims can live together; those who kill without feeling remorse simply cannot live with those they feel justified to kill, Igbos;  since Muslims believe that somehow Igbo are born masochists who enjoy pain and been killed and will keep tolerating being killed by sadistic Hausas, they have something else coming to them.       Mohammad Buhari came to power three months ago. He has given jobs mostly to his fellow Hausa-Fulanis. We are told that he is giving jobs to only folks who are not corrupt and are competent. Incorruptible and competent people are only found in those who specialized in stealing oil money from the south and those who barely can write their names (Buhari is so competent that he probably cannot write his name correctly).       Buhari is doing what African leaders are known to do; specialize in turning reality upside down.  Thus, the lords of corruption in Nigeria, Hausas, the most incompetent Nigerians, Hausas, are now said to be the most incorruptible and competent Nigerians only from whom the most “competent” Nigerian leader could find folks to work with.      Buhari is deceiving his self, not other Nigerians. He has so alienated Southern Nigerians that this observer, who in his naivety had supported him for the office he is clearly not qualified to hold, now does not support him.      Buhari in three short months has squandered the southern goodwill that he was given by seeing it fit to govern only with his Northern kinfolks; he is now the President of Northern Nigeria not President of Nigeria. Does my negative perception of Buhari matter? The fool probably does not realize that in politics perception is all; he will soon learn what is coming his way as southerners turn their writing guns at him and delegitimize his rule.       As far as I am concerned Buhari is not my president; he is an imposter. The office of the president of Nigeria belongs to all of us; that office is not for a clown from Daura to do as he pleases without consulting all of us. This coxcomb is about to learn what democracy and rule of law is all about. Hang around and learn as he is taught that the pen is mightier than the gun.     Those who the gods would destroy are prevented from listening to reality.  Let this man called Buhari keep fooling his self.  The world is his oyster; his colors are showing.       Buhari is a rigid, inflexible and dogmatic empty headed fool who does not listen to any one else; he has his idiot mind  already made up as to what he thinks is right and wrong and only he knows what is right. Let us see how far that god complex of his will take him.      Pride (hubris) goes before a fall. When this clown falls, as he will, let us hope that many Nigerians do not lose their lives!     Please, dear reader, go read Greek tragedies; Buhari is a tragic hero; his character foible destined him to rise to the top and fall in a dramatic way; most of us can see that character weakness of his but he cannot see it, for it is what is driving him to seeming great heights only to bring him down (the gods prevent tragic heroes from seeing their character flaws, flaws those around them see).       Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Julius Caesar and Sophocles Antigone are a good place to start one’s study of tragic heroes.      Let me bring this paper to close by reiterating that Nigeria needs to be reconstituted; we need to allow each ethnic group to rule itself; over time, hopefully, several ethnic groups would federate as equal members of a federation; it is not desirable for them to stay in a country to enable the most backward group in Nigeria to satisfy their misguided egoistic craving to ruling other ethnic groups.       Where in the world did Hausa-Fulani clowns get the impression that they are born to rule; and what makes them believe that other groups would lay supine and allow themselves to be ruled by a bunch of primitive clods?       God, some people are born stupid! What we have in the government of Buhari is stupidity on steroids. This arrogant but mentally underdeveloped crowd called Hausa-Fulanis is going to self-destroy; since we all shall receive the unintended consequences of their destructive behaviors, we are invested in seeking for a way to bring about peaceful change in Nigeria.     Let us meet and dissolve Nigeria and decide the boundaries of the expected twelve or so countries that will emerge from its ashes (Republics of Alaigbo, Bini, Yoruba land, Efik land, Ijaw land, Hausa land, Tivi land, and so on).      I am talking about a replica of the 1884 Berlin conference of sorts, this time to correct the mistake that the iron chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck and his fellow Europeans made in putting different African groups in the same countries hence making them ungovernable (so that the West are best able to exploit them).        It is about time that Africa is made governable by reconstituting its boundaries, making each large ethnic group a state; a temporary country that in the future joins others in forming Africa Federation of Nations. Ozodiobi OsujiSeptember 4, 2014ozodiosuji@gmail.com(907) 538-1086

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