Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You can Deal With Stubborn Belly Fat That Refuses TO Go Away

If you have been struggling with fat for many years, you will know that the most common place that fat hides itself is in the belly. The fat around the tummy area can make your belly so big and uncomfortable and also make it difficult for you to wear the awesome "figure hugging" tight fitted body con dress and attire that you've always wanted.

Apart from that...
Fat that is buried deep inside your stomach is actually dangerous for your health as it could increase your chances of becoming diabetic or having heart diseases.
So if you currently have belly fat and you are FRUSTRATED that it refuses to go away...
Then pay attention as I will tell you the TRUTH about how you can get rid of this stubborn belly fat.

You see, for your "Belly Fat" to disappear and for you to have a flat belly, you need to lose weight all over your body.Here's What I Mean....
If you wake up every morning and do 50 sit ups and crunches only and expect your belly fat to disappear, you will NOT lose fat from the belly.

DO NOT target just your belly alone by doing crunches or sit ups when trying to burn belly fat. You need to target your entire body lose weight all over your body as well.
For example, if you weigh 107kg and your dress size is UK size 16/18 or above, and you have a big belly...
In order for your tummy fat to disappear, you need to lose weight generally on your body and drop from asize 18 down to a size 12 or Size 10.
When you lose many kilograms of fat on your body and your dress size drops down to size 10, you will see that your belly fat will disappear and your belly will become flatter.
So if you've been fat for most of your life, or you just had a baby, and have post pregnancy fat around your tummy, you need to lose weight generally on your body to get a flatter belly.
If you are currently slim as well, but your belly is big, you also need to follow the same process of eatinghealthy and exercising your whole body to get rid of your belly fat.
In my previous article on Linda Ikeji Blog which you can read here and here, I explained exactly how you can do this too.
When you lose weight generally and you target your entire body, your belly will become flatter and you will be able to rock any dress of your choice to any event.

Not Only That...
You will feel more energized, healthier and lighter and no longer feel tired and breathless after walking briskly or climbing the stairs.
That's not all, your confidence will improve and it will make a big difference in your marital and sex life.
But for you to lose this excess weight off your body and get a flatter belly, you need to follow a proven fat loss method that works.
And This Is Where Someone Like Me Comes In...
My name is Olu AIjotan and many of my clients and subscribers call me "Coach Olu".
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I Want To Coach You Step-by-Step On How To...
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Thanks for reading.
Olu Aijotan
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