Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How my life changed since my dad became the President of Nigeria - Zahra Buhari


In an interview with Theambaimprint.com, Zahra Buhari, daughter of President Buhari talked about how her life has changed since her father became president of Nigeria.
It’s actually very hard to get to me because I have been changing numbers so people can’t really get me and the second thing is, not too many people know me personally. The problem comes up once in a while, when people now want to be closer to you but you just have to do what you have to do”
“It hasn’t changed so much, just that we are restricted from doing so many thing because of security precautions and we see our dad less, that has really changed! Changing where you live, that’s the biggest change. Moving from a flat in Guildford and then moving out from our house in Kaduna and Abuja, then the way there are more people around that you’re not familiar with. So, having to be more diplomatic about so many things.

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