Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nigerians react to Pastor Sarah Omakwu’s opinions on marriage and sex

Earlier today, an Abuja-based pastor, Sarah Omakwu of family Worship Centre, took to Twitter to write a stream of conscious tweets on marriage and sex, what she feels is a sin, how couples should have sex, who should have sex, how not to have sex, and more
The Pastor, who is happily married with three children, is trending over some comments she's making with #SexualPerversion hashtag.She has since deleted the tweets though..."Dear All - it was brought to my attention that some tweets went out from my account without my approval today.Quite a few things I said in a prior sermon were taken completely out of context. I apologize. Tweets from me are signed-SO." Not long after, Twitter caught fire as folks hopped on the topic and she became the no. 1 trending topic in Nigeria, and remains still. See some of her tweets:


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