Monday, February 22, 2016



A man had a taste of public humiliation when his manhood got stuck in a married woman he was sleeping with.
According to a social media user named Mr. Rich who shared the photo on Facebook, the man pictured above is from Kitale, northern rift valley of Kenya. He made the mistake of going to sleep with a married woman and they both got stuck together during the intercourse.
While many believe that the pair may have been caught up in what the Yorubas call ‘magun’ – a traditional consequence of adultery, scientists believe the situation is caused when the vaginal muscles spasm and clamps down on the penis during intercourse, a condition referred to as penis captivus.
Mr Rich claims that as at the time of posting the picture the unfortunate pair were still stuck together.
The response of the woman’s husband or his whereabout at the time of the disgracefully event is unknown.

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