Friday, February 19, 2016

US Man serves out a 30-year prison sentence for murder , Goes home kills Mother.

In October of 2014, Steven Pratt was supposed to begin his life anew. He had served out a 30-year prison sentence and gone home to Atlantic City, N.J., where his family held a party to welcome him.
But a violent history would repeat itself all too soon.Pratt was 15 when he got into an argument with his next door neighbor, Michael Anderson. Court records show that Anderson was a father figure of sorts to Pratt. On Oct. 11, 1984, he asked Pratt and his friends to vacate a hallway in their apartment building where they were noisily hanging out and smoking marijuana.Angered by Anderson’s request, Pratt retrieved a lead pipe from his apartment and approached Anderson with it in hand. Anderson wrestled the pipe from Pratt’s grasp, striking him on the face.Then Pratt’s mother entered the room, and Anderson left.Hours later, Pratt knocked on the door of Anderson’s apartment. When the neighbor appeared, Pratt asked him if he recalled their fight earlier that day, then shot him dead.Pratt was tried as an adult for the murder and began serving his sentence at a maximum security prison.Thirty years later, things should have been different. Pratt was 45 when he got out, and he returned to the Atlantic City neighborhood where his 64-year-old mother resided, the Press of Atlantic City reported. It was a quiet part of town, the kind of place where kids carved hearts around their initials in wet cement on the sidewalk.Neighbors told the Press of Atlantic City that Gwendolyn Pratt was “kind and impeccably dressed.” She took a 6 a.m. bus to work every day without fail.No one guessed that she would lose her life less than two days after her son got his freedom.On the Sunday morning after Pratt’s release, police found Gwendolyn dead from blunt injuries to the head. Pratt was charged, and at his initial court appearance, he wept.“I have failed,” Pratt told the judge, his voice barely audible, the Press of Atlantic City reported. “I don’t want a trial. I’m guilty.”He officially pleaded guilty to manslaughter this week. He is expected to be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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A big question of what Pratt might have learned in prison or more correctly, what type of resettlement package was he offered when he left after 30 years. Where there was a thorough and predictive assessment, he should have started a rehabilitation programme several years earlier, with frequent reassessment at every stage of observed changes in his mood, sociability or persona. Anger management would have kept him from such temperamental brutal attack on Mr. Anderson, in the first instance, and latterly his own mother. A rehabilitative programme would have monitored his conduct once outside as having been inside for 30 years requires closely-supportive relationship with Probation officers and or, therapeutic regime based on psychological testing and assessment. These are the things our own (Nigeria's) penal system may not consider for now because of the plethora of deficits characteristic of the penal process.