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Russian Jets attacked locations in Syria not occupied by ISIS

Russian SU 25 SM ground attack aircraft (ground) and MIG 29 jet fighters (taking off) attend a training session at Primorkso-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar region on March 26, 2015 ahead of the Russian commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. AFP PHOTO / SERGEY VENYAVSKYSERGEY VENYAVSKY/AFP/Getty Images
Russian SU 25 SM ground attack aircraft (ground) and MIG 29 jet fighters (taking off) attend a training session at Primorkso-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar region on March 26, 2015 ahead of the Russian commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. AFP PHOTO / SERGEY VENYAVSKYSERGEY VENYAVSKY/AFP/Getty Images
Russian Jets attacked locations in Syria which Putin says is occupied by ISIS but Western intelligence doubt whether the targeted area were occupied by ISIS. The Russian Defense Ministry, said Russian warplanes targeted eight ISIS positions, and bombs were dropped on selected targets including, arms, transportation, communications and control positions. Russian intentions in Syria remain unclear, but it appears the Russians would attack any forces in Syria fighting Assad.
The Syrian run radio station said, Russia had targeted “ISIS dens” in al-Rastan, Talbiseh and Zafaraniya in Homs province; Al-Tilol al-Hmer, in Qunaitra province; Aydoun, a village on the outskirts of the town of Salamiya; Deer Foul between Hama and Homs; and the outskirts of Salmiya”.This development will obviously complicate matters for the US and its allies with respect to relations with Putin if it is confirmed that Russia is also going after Syrian resistance and freedom fighters opposed 


President Muhammadu Buhari slaughters ram in commemoration of Eid-el-Kabir in Daura, Katsina State on September 24, 2015
By Ugo Harris Ukandu

This is the modern age and Nigeria president is show casing the killing and slaughter of animals openly in the public in the name of religion and culture. This is the man made to take Nigeria into modernity. Please,  explain to us here what does this picture conveys? It portrays African and Nigerian leaders as barbarians, sadists, killers, no conscience and no humane feeling. This leadership in Nigeria by every measure is not capable of  giving Nigeria modern Governance standard. They are inherently not made to provide modern best practice in Governance in as much as they try and pretend. It will not happen.

International community abhors creating decent leadership for Africa but rather leaders that shames Africa at every turn is what is imposed on Africans by Europeans and Americans. Even the Arab and Islamic world like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. and even some decent African countries cannot let the leader of their country expose such insensitivity of their president killing and slaughtering animal like this in this age publicly.

 This is going back to what I  have said  about Fulani mindset and their leadership. It is only Nigeria out of almost 20 countries  in Africa Fulanis are scattered living, wandering herdsmen and city dwellers that affords them opportunity for a better lives.   Only Nigeria gave them opportunity to have political power and see how they have been part of the destruction of Nigeria. How can a leader of 170 million people in this age exhibit such a wicked posture and happy with it.

Since over 50 years now, the United nations, African Union, OAU, ECOWAS, successive Nigerian Government and every country that  have Fulani population have all setup programs to reduce or eliminate poverty, wandering, begging and destitute in the Fulani community across the 20  African countries they live. Fulani leadership and elites will loot and steal all the money and resources allocated for those programs and  poverty and destitution within the Fulani community is always increasing.  Fulani elites looting action increases  poverty, destitution, begging and deprivation of basic community functions and it always disrupt these programs by Fulani elites in about 20 countries Fulanis are located. in fact Fulanis have the highest poverty rate among all African tribes while their leaders are looting, pillaging and exhibiting wealth stolen from their people and from the commonwealth of all the nations. All programs created to help create  stationary communities and  build schools for them is a tall order, because Fulani elites steals and loots these humanitarian programs.

As for the Fulani mindsets, they are the most distressed, disorganized and desperate tribe in Africa despite the lies and propaganda they have used to confuse some Nigerians and Africans for ages, because the is no important country in Africa Fulani have foothold and that country is working well. Every country that have Fulani does not work, is poor, is destitute, lives on aid and handout. The is no tribe in Africa that is not blessed with abundant  mineral resources in Africa only Fulani has less and less of everything, and that is why their leaders resorts to looting and corruption as a means of leadership, and stupid Nigeria has been confused by  these propaganda  for ages especially the Hausas, Yorubas and all the small tribes in Northern Nigeria that are being fooled till today by Fulani treachery.

Even the Animal rearing and cattle Shepard  they are used too,  still for over 300 years they cannot device and modernize   their means of livelihood from scattered wanderers and wandering. Sedentary living can help them, but they choose the wandering ways that enables them to violate other peoples land, resources, loot and disrupt normal lives for other people, because by their nature they don't have normal lives. Even the animals they claim they breed and rear does not look healthy enough in this modern times, for example look at the many cows President Buhari said he has, does any one of them look healthy enough for a person to eat?  no his cows all look sick and emaciated for a former leader with looted Nigeria resources. Give me a break!!!!!!!!

You made a very factual statement below. Every thing about Fulani culture is about violence, looting, copying, cunning and cheating, because in their harsh environment of dry desert, harsh climate, very hot sun, no food, less food for them and their cattle, no grazing land for their cattles and animals, no water, wandering lifestyle it turned them into hungry, insatiable, aggressive, survival of the fittest  animals. Every thing about their culture is not original but to loot and take by force and that's why most countries and other tribes in Africa where Fulani are found do not give them a chance for leadership or economic power but they fooled foolish gullible and divided Nigeria for ages.

I am glad that many Igbos have refused to buy these lies about Fulani and that is why foolish Nigeria is suffering today and forever. Even if Buhari and Fulani takes all the money and resources in Africa and Nigeria and store them in Fulani or Hausa land they will loot and destroy it and become poor again in no time. They cannot manage modern lifestyle without looting, violence and destruction. The is no country lead or have Fulani  in this world that is prosperous. Every one of them is desperately poor. The rich ones in Nigeria you know how they made it by looting and stealing from their people and from Nigeria and it will  be lost in their corrupt ways anyways.

Quoting  Dr. Ozodi Osuji "Even the much vaunted feudal stage attainment of (FULANI) Hausa states was done under the impetus of external forces, Arab Muslims. Usman Dan Fodio’s exploits were borrowed from what was going on in Egypt and Sudan (which, in turn, was borrowed from what was going on in the Ottoman Empire...he called himself sultan in imitation of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, a guy at far away Istanbul, Turkey). unquote

You wrote some important statement last time below that put Yoruba, Hausas and Fulani  and African tribes  that are going about bragging about their civilization falsely, that they have a better civilization than Igbos, but actually the reverse is the case. Igbos have a far better civilization than them, because Igbos fought real wars in many parts of Igboland and Southern Nigeria before they were defeated by the British colonialists, but the Yorubas, Hausas and Fulani just capitulated, gave up and sold out without a fight for their fake and false freedom to rule Nigeria and see how they have destroyed Nigeria. Igbos  like the saying that  goes "give me freedom or  I die fighting". Nigeria has neither freedom or death. Nigeria is in between hopelessness and uselessness.

 Your Statement below explains the  false bragging of Hausa Fulani and Yorubas as being the same as empty boastful Africans that did not achieved anything in history except killing and destroying their people and continent. If Yoruba and Fulani are born to rule why are they not ruling or have great powers in all of African countries they have their so called people. It is only in Nigeria that Fulani or Yoruba have power because other African countries have seen the havoc and destruction Yoruba and Fulani have visited on Nigeria and all these African Countries refuse to give Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani any power in any other country in African seeing what Nigeria has become as an experiment under Fulani, Hausa and Yoruba destructive leadership.

Colin Powell: I’m Going To Continue Being A Republican Only To ‘Annoy’ Extremist Tea Partiers

Colin Powell is of a dying breed. He’s perhaps the last surviving moderate Republican, and he knows it. According toThe Hill, the only reason the decorated U.S. Army General and former Secretary of State is still a Republican is because it aggravates the right-wing extremists and Tea Party wannabe “patriots” who have taken over the party.
Powell assured everyone that he isn’t defecting from the Republican Party during Washington, D.C.’s Washington Ideas forum, saying:

“Yes, I’m still a Republican. I want to continue to be a Republican because it annoys them.”

I think the party has shifted much further right than where the country is and it should be obvious to party leaders that they cannot keep saying and doing the things that they were doing and hope to be successful in national-level election in the future, not just in 2016.”
As funny as the idea of Colin Powell trolling the GOP by staying one of them just because it amuses him is, it really highlights just how extreme the party has become and how scarce moderation has become. He is nothing but a heretical RINO (Republican In Name Only) to the current crop of legislative terrorists who are in charge of the party. He’s stopping short of defecting, likely for reasons known only to himself.
Powell then turned to focus on the GOP’s hateful stances when it comes to undocumented immigrants, noting that it tends to be a turn off the much of the electorate, saying:

“I think most Republicans understand that we need immigration, we are an immigrant nation [and that] it is in our best interest to do it.”
After that it was on to the establishment Republican Party’s wild-card feral child, primary frontrunner Donald Trump. Powell assured the forum that Trump’s immigration ideas should not be representative of the party at large:

“If I was around Mr. Trump — Donald, who I know rather well — I would say, ‘You know, Don, let’s see what happens — let’s tell all the immigrants working in Trump hotels to stay home tomorrow. ‘Let’s see what happens.’”
Colin Powell and others likely know that Trump’s empire would come crashing to the ground if his immigrant employees up and abandoned him, even for a day. Trump’s offensive stance on immigration is at odds with his own livelihood, which makes no sense at all but perfectly encapsulates the Republican way Then again, someone like Trump, of all people as the frontrunner in a presidential primary makes no sense at all, either.
Powell went on to conclude by reminding everyone that, by its very nature, America is a nation of immigrants and that fact is one of our biggest strengths:

“There are first-generation American immigrants who will raise children who will go up to higher things. It’s that immigrant tradition — get started and the next generation will be better and the generation after that will be even better.”
And that, of course, is what makes America truly great. However, Colin Powell is sorely mistaken if he believes that he can bring the Tea Party crowd over to a reasonable way of thinking on immigration reform or anything else. The current incarnation of the GOP is determined to continue with their draconian ways until they are voted into complete irrelevance. Come on over to the left, kind sir. We’d be glad to have you.

Mimi Lounge Ini Edo’s Extravagant Club Opens

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo 's night club in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, called Mimz Lounge. Ini, who doubles as a producer opened her new investment on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.
Mimz has a prime location,and apart from night clubbing will also be serving sumptuous African and Continental dishes at it's restaurant , plus exotic drinks. It's arooftop lounge . Mimz also boast of a tastefully furnished guest house. The event will be hosted by OAP and hypeman; Dotun, with several A-list Celebrities expected to grace the event. Music By: Dj Kentalky,Dj X-ray Dj Swag.

The event kicks off by 7pm with a black carpet reception. Mimz is located on Durosinmi Etti drive, opposite Carol Court before Dowen College or 52a omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1.

ini edoo

Jealous Gay Lovers In A Bloody Fight In A Hotel In Benin

Nigerian Gays

A party organized by gay lovers turned violent in Benin City last Tuesday as one of the organizers caught his man with another of their friends kissing 
 This came as two young men were arrested by policemen of “B” Division Police Station, Warri, Delta State, for allegedly indulging in homosexuality, a crime against the Nigerian State.The party in Benin was organized in a hotel located around Oben, off Sapele Road and the gay lovers were said to have deceived residents of the area by dressing like women in order not to attract their attention.It was gathered that trouble started when one of the jealous lovers, identified as Ricky, caught his ‘paramay’ with one of the guests and disagreement over the issue resulted in a bloody fight.A source revealed  that they fought with bottles and plastic chairs in the hotel room, which attracted residents who did not know they were holding a gay party.Some of the guests had their heads broken and clothes torn.A source in the neighbourhood told Vanguard: “ We have been suspecting the management of this hotel for some time now because the last time, some girls suspected to be lesbians held a party here, we were shocked that no single male was in attendance.“But today, I wanted to go and buy a drink at the hotel when a young man walked up to me at the gate and said to me that his people have taken over the place.‘’I was shocked to notice that he was putting on tight leggings and wearing red lip stick and wig, so I left the place immediately.“It was later in the night that we heard loud noise and saw some boys fighting over another boy, thereby attracting all in the neighbourhood.”Vanguard learned, however, that the boys took to their heels when policemen patrolling the area stormed the hotel, following a phone call from one of the neighbours.It was further gathered that the police are currently quizzing the management of the hotel.
Warri homosexual brothersMeantime, two young men have been arrested by policemen of the “B” Division Police Station, Warri, Delta State for allegedly indulging in homosexuality.The suspects, whose names were given as Mr. Johnson Onoriode Efenaghor and his sibling Emmanuel Efenaghor, were said to have been apprehended by the Police, following a complaint by one Kelvin Williams who was sexually molested, abused and defiled by the duo.Vanguard findings revealed that the suspects gave in to sodomy while in Lagos.Johnson, it was gathered, is the principal actor who committed the act to initiate Kelvin into homosexualism, while his brother, Emmanuel, was arrested as an accomplice.Emmanuel’s silence on the crime of his elder brother was sequel to the threats from his brother not to reveal his criminal tendencies.Vanguard gathered that the victim, Kelvin, was not comfortable with the act and reported to the Police to save himself from threat to his life by his lover who warned him not to let anybody know about the sacrilegious act or he would be killed.
William narates ordealNarrating his ordeal, William said the whole thing started in July when Mr. Onoriode Johnson Efenaghor accosted him on his way to visit his father at Odion Road, Warri, and told him that he was handsome and would like both of them to become friends.He further said that he later visited Johnson who persuaded him to sleep in his house, not knowing he had other intentions. He said Johnson did all to lure him into the sin of sodomy.
Calling the PoliceOn why he reported to the police, which led to the arrest of Johnson, he said: “I decided to tell the police because I knew that homosexuality is an offence. Second, my grandfather is a pastor and I live with him. Even when I told him that I arrested somebody, he didn’t believe me. My grandfather is a pastor and I didn’t grow up with street life.”Vanguard investigation revealed that Johnson, who is currently cooling off in the police cell, admitted to have made attempt to have carnal knowledge of Kelvin but could not gain access due to plea by the victim to have the real fun at another rescheduled date.While saying that he was introduced into the act by a Jehovah Witness man who came to preach to him in Lagos three years ago, the suspect pleaded for mercy from constituted authority, promising not to indulge in the act again.Divisional Police Office, DPO, “B” Division, Warri, CSP Anietie Eyoh, could not been reached for comments, but an impeccable source from the station confirmed the arrest and detention of the suspects, noting that they would be charged to court soon. 

Judge Withdraws From Saraki’s Case For This Reason

Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s  CASE has been dropped??

Reports just reaching us have it that Justice R. Mohammed 
of the Federal High Court in Abuja has withdrawn from the Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s case.

According to Nigerian Bulletin, Mohammed handed over the case to the Chief Justice of Nigeria,

Mahmud Mohammed, to reassign the case to another judge.The Judge, in returning the case file to the

CJN on Wednesday, cited “negative reports” on the case as the reason for his recent action.Meanwhile,

 reports have it that the Nigerian senate is yet to receive the ministerial list from President Muhammadu

Buhari, who had reiterated his desire to make the list public in September.Recall also that the Nigerian

president opened up on Saraki’s case, stating that he awaits the outcome of the trial to know if he shall still 

show confidence in the Senate President.

Buy Yourself A Brain If You Don’t Understand Why I Married 18 Year old Princess, – Emir Sanusi Explains

Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, married 18-yr-old Sa’adatu Barkindo-Musdafa – 
daughter of the Lamido of Adamawa, Muhammadu Barkindo-Musdafa 
Muhammadu Sanusi II, the 54-year-old Emir of Kano, has come under harsh criticism after he married the

18-year-old daughter of the Lamido of Adamawa.After the news about the non-publicised wedding broke last

Friday, Nigerians took to social media, having introduced the hashtag #ChildNotBride.People characterised the

decision as unwise indirectly referring to him as a “sugar daddy”.Sanusi has finally decided to explain his point in

a piece published by The Herald. In his writing the Emir speaks about his fourth wife and sheds light on their decision

to get married.“I am sure NC members all have their views and have kept quiet out of (appropriate) deference to our

right to make our individual choice. Obviously I do not need to explain anything to anyone in a purely personal matter

but a few points are worthy of note:“The lady in question is 18 and therefore legally of age to marry under all laws and

certainly under Muslim law. She is proceeding for her undergraduate education in the UK in January. She had an “A” in

computer science in her “O” levels and plans to get a degree in computer science.“Each and every one of my wives is a

university graduate and some have worked and then stopped and in each case the choice was purely theirs.“It is a tradition

in Kano that emirs and princes in choosing wives consider issues beyond the individual. The family is in every sense a social unit.

My predecessor was married to princesses from Ilorin, Katsina and Sokoto.“The relationship between the late Lamido of

Adamawa Aliyu Musdafa, the father of the current Lamido is well known. Lamido Aliyu was the first emir turbaned after

emir Sanusi I and they remained close until Sanusi’s death. My own relationship with the current Lamido dates back to

1981 when he was Ciroma and commissioner for works. By the way the Lamido and I are not illiterates we know what

we are doing and he does have a PhD in Engineering.“My own mother was married in Adamawa and lived there for more

than two decades and I have eight younger brothers and sisters from there.“It is therefore natural that if I choose to marry

from another kingdom Adamawa would be the first choice for me and I am extremely happy to strengthen these long

historical bonds. The young lady in question gave her free consent and even after the contract the wedding will not happen

for a few years. By then she may be 21. If she freely consents to this I do not know on what moral grounds anyone has a grouse.

She is an adult, she gave her consent, and her education is not being in anyway interrupted.“The real issue is that people do not

accept cultural difference. And you can see it in the approach to these issues. I am supposed to be urbane and western educated.

Yes but I am not European. I am a northern Nigerian Fulani Muslim brought up in a setting exactly like the one my children are

being brought up in.“If you read this and it improves your understanding of this issue that is fine. If it does not just remember

it is not your life, it is not your daughter and you are not my wife therefore it is not your business.
“I obviously cannot stop to the level of responding publicly to these kinds of articles. I have always been an advocate of girls

marrying after maturing. I personally like the minimum age of 18 even though I understand those who say 16 is fine and indeed

this is the law in most so called advanced countries.“Is this something that I expect a European or western trained or feminist

mind to appreciate or endorse? Not at all. But has any American been bothered about my views on men marrying men or

women marrying women who frankly I find primitive and bestial? No and my views do not matter. These are cultural issues.

“Even in Nigeria I have heard all this stuff as in Pius article about “north” and northerners. Again it is a failure to respect difference.

There are parts of this country where parents expect their daughters to live with their boyfriends for years and actually get pregnant

before they marry. It has become culture. We do not have that in the north and if your daughter gets pregnant before

marriage she brings nothing but shame to the name. But we do not issue condemnations. We agree that this is how

they choose to live. And I can give many other examples.“When people use the term libido they do themselves injustice.

First of all it shows how they view women and marriage. Women are nothing but the object of sexual desire.

Marriage is nothing but sexual gratification. Well I am sorry but in my tradition it is not. Beauty and attraction

rank third after religion and lineage in the choice of a wife.“They see an 18-year-old young lady. I see a princess of

noble birth whose mother is also a princess, and who has been brought up in a good Muslim home. This is the kind

of woman that is prepared for giving birth to princes and bringing them up for the role expected of them in society.

“Marriage is both social and political. Expanding the links of Kano which have already been established by my

predecessors through inter-marriage with Katsina, Sokoto, Ilorin, Katagum, Ningi, Bauchi, etc. to Adamawa is an

important and significant step and this is obvious to anyone with a sense of how royal families work and Ibn

Khaldun’s sociological concept of Asabiyyah.“When the Emir of Kano marries it has to be something beyond

what he personally desires to what is appropriate for that position and the expectations of the people he represents.

You don’t just pick up any girl on the street. And by the way, for those who shout libido, sex is cheap

and available everywhere in all shapes and sizes and all colours if that is what they want. And all ages too.

Marriage is a very different proposition. The mother of your children has to be something other than,

not at least much more than a mere object of sexual fantasy. But if you do not know that you need to buy yourself a brain.

“I have daughters. And they know they can only marry from certain backgrounds. I always prefer family.

When my daughter wanted to marry Mouftah Baba Ahmed’s son and she asked me, knowing my views on family,

I told her Mouftah is family. And this is not about me and Mouftah or me an Hakeem or Nafiu. No.

It goes back to Baba Ahmed and Emirs Sanusi and Bayero. And the same rule applies to my sons.

And it applied to me as well.“It is, I am sure, very strange that I should even bother to comment on this.

But it would be hypocritical for me to just keep quiet so long as these things are being posted and commented

upon explicitly or in a snide manner. There was no secrecy in the marriage fatiha. The date was fixed and it was to

be done in the central mosque after Friday prayers.“The day before we had a tragedy in Saudi Arabia and decided

the fatiha must be very low key as a mark of respect for the dead. All traditional rulers in Adamawa were there, as

were governors and commissioners, members of my own emirate council and Adamawa people. There is nothing

here to hide or be apologetic about.“The emirs of Adamawa have shown love to my parents and grandparents and

it is a sign of my appreciation of their love that i marry their daughter. This is the highest statement of friendship

and loyalty on both sides.“Again if you understand this this is fine. If you do not, buy yourself a brain, A la Pius.

In any event this is my one and final and only comment on this. And I am making it out of respect for NC members.”

Nigerian gay pastor, Jide Macaulay Leads Protest for the repeal of the antigay law held in London today

Some gays and lesbians today staged a protest outside the Nigerian House in London where they demanded that President Buhari repeal the antigay law which was signed into law by his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan in 2014. Popular Nigerian gay pastor, Jide Macaulay shared the protest photos on his Facebook page.

NDLEA apprehends Nigerian Chief with cocaine at airport

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a suspected drug baron, Chief Odugwe Joseph Azubuikeplay
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a suspected drug baron, Chief Odugwe Joseph Azubuike 
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a suspected drug baron,Chief Odugwe Joseph Azubuike over unlawful importation of 1.025kg of cocaine.Chief Azubuike joins the list of persons that have been apprehended by NDLEA trying to smuggle drugs into flights at airports in the last few weeks.Odugwe who is currently on bail over several drug charges brought against him by the agency was allegedly found with wraps of powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.According to the Nation, the arrest was made during inward screening of passengers on Emirates airline flight from Dubai.The wraps of cocaine were packed in duty free polythene inside his luggage.The suspected drug kingpin told investigators during interrogation that he had made a big mistake.Chief Azubuike had pleaded not guilty to previous charges when drugs were not found on him alleging that his enemies were behind his trial.

NDLEA officials declared wanted after absconding with seized drugs

Daniel Goska, ‎a Superintendent of Narcotics, and Ndubuisi Ughor, a Chief Narcotic Agent

Daniel Goska, ‎a Superintendent of Narcotics, and Ndubuisi Ughor, a Chief Narcotic Agent

Two officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement ‎Agency, NDLEA, have been declared wanted after absconding with narcotics last month.
Daniel Goska, ‎a Superintendent of Narcotics, an
Mr. Ifeanyichukwu and three other suspects had been arrested by the anti-narcotics agency for unlawful exportation of the banned drugs.
The officers were last seen on duty at the Enugu Airport on August 7, the NDLEA said in a statement on Monday.
 Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA’s chairman, said any staff indicted under the law would be treated equally.
“The agency has taken necessary steps by stopping the salaries of the officers and declaring them wanted."The NDLEA chairman called on members of the public ‎with useful information about their whereabouts to report to the nearest office.
 Ndubuisi Ughor, a Chief Narcotic Agent, disappeared from their duty posts after a drug suspect, Dayson-Eddie Ifeanyichukwu, was nabbed with 74.4 kilogrammes of banned drugs at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu.


Fani-Kayode Wants Fulani Herdsmen Out Of The Southern Nigeria

Former Spokesperson, People’s Democratic Party’s Presidential Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode on Wednesday said he stood by his call for a ban to be placed on the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the south west despite the criticism of the Chairman, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Professor Chidi Odinkalu, who described Fani-Kayode’s statement as a hate speech.

In a new statement, the former Minister of Aviation noted that he was throwing his weight behind Afenifere that called for the ban of herdsmen in the South West. He said that the ban should not be restricted to only a zone, but the whole of the South because of the nefarious activities of the herdsmen.
Fani-Kayode noted that the NHRC chairman, Odinkalu got him wrong as he was only referring to the Fulani Herdsmen and not the Fulanis as a tribe in his article ‘The Herdsmen from Hell’.
“I support the call by Afenifere that all Fulani herdsmen should be banned from the south-west. Actually, I believe that they should be banned from the entire south and not just the south west. I also stand by every word that I wrote in my widely published essay titled The Herdsmen From Hell,” Fani-Kayode said.
“We do not want those that slaughter innocent people, including women and children, in our midst. Those that say that we must remain silent when aliens and vandals invade our land, r*pe our women and kill our people shall be put to shame. No matter what they say, we will continue to expose and resist this evil.
“I have no regrets for describing those murderous Fulani herdsmen as tsetse flies. Actually they are worse than that because, like Satan, they only come to kill, steal and destroy.
“It is the gutless cowards amongst us that seek to play down the murder and r*pe of others that are guilty of hate crimes and not those of us that have the courage to call a spade a spade.
“Those that support the atrocities of the herdsmen are insensitive to the feelings and sufferings of others and that is the biggest crime of all. They hate the victims of these terrible atrocities and they love and make excuses for the perpetrators.
“Instead of speaking up for the human rights and civil liberties of those that have been maimed, killed and persecuted as they have been charged to do, they are busy trying to say things that are politically correct.
“Meanwhile people are being killed by their cattle-rearing friends on a daily basis. Shame on them.”

Senate President Bukola Saraki Tweets "I have received Buhari;s Ministerial List [Photos]

Senate President Bukola Saraki has confirmed receiving the ministerial list of President Muhammadu Buhari.He just tweeted and shared photos of receiving the list from Chief of Staff to President Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial list contains a number of familiar All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders such as Babatunde Fashola, former governor of Lagos state, and Rotimi Amaechi, former governor of Rivers state, TheCable can report.
Also nominated to be minister is Lai Mohammed, national publicity secretary of the ruling party, and Kayode Fayemi, who lost his Ekiti governorship re-election bid in 2014 to Ayodele Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

From the south-east are the likes of Chris Ngige, former governor of Anambra state and former senator of the federal republic; and Ogbonnaya Onu, first executive governor of Abia state and former national chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), on whose ticket Buhari contested and lost the 2003 and 2007 presidential elections.
Buhari also nominated for ministerial appointment, Aisha Alhassan, who was on the brink of becoming the first elected female governor before eventually losing the Taraba state governorship election to Darius Ishiaku of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
From his days at the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Buhari picked Malami Abubakar, a senior advocate of Nigeria and former legal adviser of the defunct party, as well as Adebayo Shittu, former governorship candidate of the party in Oyo state.
Ibe kachikwu, group managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum (NNPC), is a surprise appearance on the list. But with Buhari already declaring himself minister of petroleum resources, it is likely that Kachikwu will combine his current portfolio with that of the minister of state for petroleum resources.

Republican Anti-Gay ‘Family Values’ Hypocrite Caught Cheating On Wife In Sex Tape Scandal, Steps Down


On Tuesday, State House Majority Leader Rep. Jud McMillin (R) – the second-highest ranked official in the Indiana House of Representatives – mysteriously resigned after sending a few shame-filled text messages that said:“My phone was stolen in Canada and out of my control for about 24 hours. I have just been able to reactivate it under my control. Please disregard any messages you received recently. I am truly sorry for anything offensive you may have received.”McMillin and House Speaker Brian Bosma (R) have been closed-lipped about what ‘offensive’ content McMillin could have been referring to, but the Indianapolis Business Journal reports that there was at least one sexually-explicit video that showed him cheating on his wife that got released while McMillin’s phone was ‘stolen.’Don’t expect McMillin to own up to what was on his phone, though. It must have been pretty embarrassing, because the “sanctity of marriage” Republican told a completely different story in a statement announcing his resignation. McMillin said that he “decided the time is right for me to pass the torch and spend more time with my family. Now I want to focus all of my attention on making my family’s world a better place.” According to McMillin’s Facebook page, he is married and has a son.On Wednesday morning, McMillin went on Facebook to vent about how he had made “mistakes” and was trying to rectify them. he wrote:“I make mistakes. When I do, regardless of how big or small they are, I do my best to admit them, own up to it, and then start doing my best to remedy them. That’s what I am doing right now with my family. With that being said I will never understand the need for some people to spew hatred. I hope it makes those people feel better about themselves because there is no other discernable benefit. What a sad place for society to be. On the other hand, I am constantly amazed at how good hearted so many people are. The outpouring of support I have received from so many gives me faith and hope in humanity as a whole. To those who choose this path, I encourage you to maintain your approach not only towards those you agree with and like, but towards those you disagree with as well. This is the only approach that can possibly help make the world a better place.”This should come as no surprise – McMillin has stepped away from a job because of something sex-related before. In 2005, he resigned as an assistant prosecutor in Montgomery County, Ohio after he entered a relationship with the victim of a domestic violence case he was litigating. Although McMillin denied that he’d been involved with the woman while he was on the case, the woman said otherwise and he eventually resigned his position as deputy prosecutor. It would appear that McMillin’s fondness for sexting goes back quite a ways. “According to two sources close to the case, the photos were incredibly graphic. One photo reportedly shows McMillin masturbating and using a dildo on himself while others were simply of McMillin’s genitalia. In one exchange, McMillin is alleged to have texted Stapleton that he was heartsick being separated from her and sent photos of himself masturbating with a string tied tightly from his testicles to the wheels of a rolling office chair to illustrate his pain.”While there’s nothing wrong with sexual exploration, his “moral commitment” to the sanctity of marriage and his relentless efforts to villifying gay Americans makes his hypocrisy particularly amusing. McMillin’s resignation is a relief, as he was a rising star in the Republican party and expected to become House Speaker one day. McMillin has been a known supporter of bills that work against people who are struggling and victims of discrimination.Earlier this year, the former State House Majority Leader told Fox News that he was not “focusing on poor people” when he presented a bill that would require people on welfare to pass drug tests. McMillin has also been a sponsor of Senate Bill 101, also known as the “religious freedom” bill that allowed business owners to refuse service to LGBT customers (fortunately, the bill was amended).Fortunately, it looks like the Indiana House is one bigot le
ss now.