Saturday, September 19, 2015


                                      The Asiwaju might be jailed by Buhari !!!!

The foreign account scam ran by Tinibu.
Banks have provided the Tribunal with the stuffs that send people to jail....
The Nigerian government has filed a criminal charge against former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, for allegedly operating 16 foreign accounts between 1999 and 2007 and amassing properties overseas.

EFCC has handed over their file on the probing of Tinubu's Hurried Sale Of his 5 Houses In US to the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Tinubu's list of foreign bank accounts are as below:-

Name of Bank: First Heritage Bank, Country Club Hills, Illinois, USA.
Account Name: Bola Tinubu
Account No: 263226700.

Name of Bank:Citibank NA New York, USA
Account Name: Bola Tinubu & Compass Finance and Investment Company Ltd.
Account Nos: 39483134, 39483396, 4650279566, 00400220, 39936404, 39936383.

Name of Bank:Citibank International New-York
Account Name-Bola Tinubu
Account No-52050-89451952 and 52050-89451953

Name of Bank- HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street London, WIW 6QJ.
Account Name-Sen. Bola Tinubu
Account No-71253670
SORT Code-40-03-15

Name of Bank- HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London, WIW 6QJ.
Account Name-Sen. Bola Oluremi Tinubu
Account No-71253670
SORT Code-40-03-15

Name of Bank- HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London, WIW 6OJ.
Account Name-Sen. Bola Tinubu
Money Market
Account No-04320002DN.

Name of Bank- HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street London, WIW 6OJ.
Account - Tinubu Habitat Oyindamola (Miss)
Account No. - 1320960111

Name of Bank - HSBC 177 Great Portland Street London WIW 60J
Account Name- Tinubu Zainab Abisola (Miss)
Account No. - 172447101

Name of Bank - HSBC 177 Great Portland Street London WIW 60J
Account Name- Tinubu Oluremi Shade
Account No. - 1916667988

Name of Bank - HSBC 177 Great Portland Street London
Account Name- Oluremi Shade Tinubu
Account No. – 41421522. (accounts details source - Tribune).

as predicted during the elections it has come to pass

Buhari signed agreement with Tinubu, to Hand Over to Yoruba

Abuja–According to credible source, “Tinibu hand picked a weak, poor, tired,confused,hungry Hausa-fulani hungry for power that needed a helping hand.“Tinibu had buhari on his agreement that he was willing to give yoruba Illorin,and Afonjas the ruler of Illorin. Buhari was willing to give part of kogi state to Osun stateBuhari was willing to do anything to gain power: “Buhari was willing to rename Abuja to Awolowo or Abiola because renegades could not do it and defections could not do it, and Boko Haram could not do it”, it said.1. The first letter Buhari should have signed was his resignation letter to osinbajo.2. His hand over letter to a westerner at the end of 4 year term3. That he will not go for a second term.4. Should allows tinibu to make all political appointments form Asorock to Ikoyi rock to Tinapa rock”, it said.“The North helped Obasanjo signed a hand over note to VP Atiku… So Atiku made Obasanjo prostrate for him.“Obasanjo always handed over Aso Rock to Atiku when ever he left Aso Rock to Abeokuta.“It was that hand over power that allowed Atiku to release Ngige from Cris Uba and rejected Ngige’s resignation letter when obasanjo was out from asoRock but knew of the plot by Uba and sent Zone 9 commander from umuahia to Awka.“Hausa went after eze Ebere Jonathan to hand over to them after two years because they wanted it so. That made hausa+ Fulani get into joint agreement with Yoruba as a faction in the looting plot…of power grabbing.“But I do not know if Yoruba has collected yet. Concluding the plot to hand over to Oduduwa by fulani + hausa through Buhari..”, it said.“Tinibu MUST NOW start showing the agreement to people that will help him enforce it.“He might need amaechi + Onu +Ngige + okorocha + fashola who have been bruised enough by public disgrace.“Since Buhari had taken over as the Leader of APC from tinibu,he has taken away Speaker from Gbajabiamila, did not give fashola SFG, did not give ayinlola Chief of staff. Osinbajo cannot worship with adebayo in asorock on redeem holy ghost fire.“If care is not taken..Buhari might make Tinibu bring in the Original agreement for destruction and denials.“Concluding the conclusion–Yoruba should learn how not to go it alone so that Hausa + fulani do not back out on them.“Buhari cannot silence yoruba like that even though they always misbehave politically.“May be Tinibu is afraid of Hausa-Fulani jail like Afonja and Abiola and obasanjo and awolowo. There must be a way out of this confidence rot.“I am now for the voiceless oduduwa”, it said.


Aduba said...

Will Tinubu's probe be a real probe or whitewashing? We will see. If it turns out to be a real probe, I will be astonished by PMB's moves. Asiwaju Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi made PMB possible. To start with Tinubu after PMB has benefited from his immerse wealth will require a question like et tu, Brute?

Nigerians would like Tinubu grilled but PMB should not be part of it.


Dr Dokun Jagun said...

It continues to baffle me how, many of us fall short when it comes to analyzing issue, especially political, that impinge on us.
Some of us suddenly realize the obvious, in terms of Buhari-Tinubu political adventure. That the political contradictions eating up the Nigerian political stable like a cankerworm is finally coming home to roost. Our eyes are slowly becoming open now to see that there is virtually between Buhari and Tinubu --- zero political interest. But why did it take Tinubu and the rest of our self-denying Southerners this long to realize this? Was it not Tinubu who sought the hand of Buhari? Even during the negotiation of the political pact, how many times did Buhari visit Tinube? I was not in Nigeria but from what I read and saw in the media, Tinubu was more often than not Buhari's guest. This sort of situation meant in political terms that it was Tinubu who needed Buhari.

You mean these so-called Jagaban(s) of Nigerian politics, have no political strategic analysts capable of sorting and arranging political chess game to help them see clearly even if they are in self denial. It is now obvious that most southern politicians are incapable of seeing beyond the top of their noses in the Nigerian grand political chess game. Now southerners are making a hullabaloo about Buhari probing Tinubu and like children crying afoul because Tinubu's money was used to bring Buhari to power. For those who are in this camp, tell me please, why Buhari should be loyal to Tinubu or to the south for that matter. When I wrote in this forum days ago that the fact that Buhari even failed to make a passing reference to his coup partner, Tunde Idiagbon, no one seemed interested in discussing the intrinsic, loaded message inherent in such public behavior. In politics, your strategic move is calibrated not so much on what your opponents are saying but
even more on what you own partners are not saying.

Doesn't Buhari know what had been written and said about Tinubu since he joined politics? Very many of these things are not positive. So when Tinubu came to him requesting for a relationship, Buhari, a Machiavellian, accepted. If any of us had thought that Buhari accepted in order to benefit Tinubu, then it would be obvious we are not politcally savvy, like Tinubu himself. The likes of Tinubu has no place in Buhari's diary of respectable politician. Tinubu was a lameduck, in terms of making any demand on Buharu during the negotiations; hence he didn't!! Yes, a lameduck with dubious, dirty cash trying to buy peace and immunity! Why are we all liars, pretending as if this is not true? and as if you need rocket science to figure out these things? The only interest common to both Buhari and Tinubu is wrestling the power from PDP and since this is done, nothing else. As I see it anyone including Tinubu is fair game in the Buhari scheme of things.

Dr. Dokun Jagun