Monday, August 31, 2015

Nigeria first test tube(IVF) baby gets admission into European University to study medicine

Nigeria’s first IVF baby, Hannatu Kupchi has gotten admission into a Hungarian university to study medicine. Hannatu, who was born at Nisa Premier Hospital in Abuja on February 11 1998, says she wants to pursue a degree in medicine so she can also help married couple have their own children.
Hannatu's parents waited 13 years for a child before going the IVF route.

 In his remarks, Mr. Hosea Kupchi, father of Hannatu, said: “We had 13 years of marriage without a child and we went through the orthodox method without any success. But along the line, my sister inlaw told me that there is one Dr. Wada that has been helping couples. That is how we came.
“Then challenges came again on how to let the world know that we have achieved this feat locally here in Nigeria. There are a lot of couples out there that are not ready to speak out. One, there is issue of stigmatisation, but I said to myself that nobody light the candle and put it under the bed.”
Also speaking, the mother who couldn’t hide her joy recalled how peaceful and understanding her husband had been even in the midst of adversities.
According to her, Miss Kupchi was the only result of a 30 years marriage.
She said that the family decided to make the birth public to declare God’s glory and also encourage other families who may have a similar challenge not to die in silence.
“There are men but this one stands out. I am grateful to God. Infertility is not a bus stop”, she said.
"God has a big hand in this. God was behind me. I want God to use me get more children. I am hoping that through me God will make people see the value of having children. I will specialize in genealogy and obstetrics. I barely made it beyond the cut off mark. God helped me. I am going to try my best and make everyone proud. I am studying medicine because I want to be a doctor. I want to study it because I want God to use me to help families who suffered what my parents went through,” she said

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